Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Funday in Freeport

Yesterday we spent the day in Freeport with my dad for his birthday. We went down to Quintana beach and fished a little, but mostly just enjoyed the beautiful weather. Dad set up some poles and he got 2 bites, but only landed 1. It was a little cold and windy, but not too bad.
Driscoe had fun chasing the ball, and wandering around, but mostly preferred to sit in Grandpa's car and pretend to drive. I can't wait to come back this summer when I can take Driscoe in the water and play. I want him to enjoy the beach as much as I did growing up. 
 Grandpa Jimbob, a Sheepshead, & Driscoe on Quintana Beach
He got sand all over Grandpa's car....oops! 
Already wanting to drive!
From left to right : Steve-O, Joe, Grace, Me, Driscoe, Jimbob, Daron, and Beerman
Luanne is taking the pic, and Steve-O's dog, Mona was a little too short for this shot.
 All Smiles!
 Had to get a shot with mama! 

 He loves kicking the ball around.
Uncle Joe playing with Driscoe. How pretty is that sky!?

 He can be so silly!
 Back at Grandpa's house we cooked the fish we caught and Uncle Joe grilled us some ribs.
Driscoe took a late nap at Jimbob's and was up and wired until 10:30 last night! Daron and I were wiped to say the least, but it sure was fun! I love being home with my family!

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