Saturday, February 2, 2013

3/50...bohoBabies Super Bowl Predictions

Driscoe Barney: Is taking the 49ers, because they are his Grandpa Barney's favorite team and he loves his bay area family!
Caymus Law: Another vote for the 49ers because this kid is a Kaepernick in the making.  He's got skills. 
Gjelina Bond Aiko Law: This lil animal lover is all about the Ravens.  And being a baby bohoBlack girl, she loves their black uniforms.
Morris Anthony:  Is rooting for the 49ers and their younger brother coach Jim Harbaugh.  Mo feels like a Super Bowl win will be a victory for all the little brothers out there.
Dax Joseph: Game time decision to take the Ravens.  He has had the flu all week and said he feels like he got sacked by Ray Lewis.