Sunday, June 21, 2015

In Honor of Father's Day.......

This easily sums up the Father's in our lives. It's every simple reason they make us laugh, shake our heads, and teach us the lessons you can only learn from dad. We are so blessed our bohoBabies have these figures in their lives. 
Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there that have shared simple life lessons with any young moldable child trying to learn the ropes. (Please read below, trust me you will find your dad or father figure in these hilarious made-up band names, we have been giggling about this non-stop)
doin' dad things.....

love, bohoHooliA

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Father's Day Love Note.

On August 7th 2011 at 7:07 AM Jason DeVon officially became what he was always meant to be, a father.  

He hasn't known his biological father for almost 30 years, but he's had very strong male influences in his life that have loved him, cared for him, supported him and encouraged him. He has a big brother who protected him like a father and a mother who took on both roles like only she could.  He has told me that his entire life he loved to watch and observe other father/son relationships and that curiosity and enthusiasm is something he carries into everything he does and everyone he meets.  

He is an incredible father because his heart is huge and sensitive and open.  He's an incredible father because he is patient, silly and selfless.  He relishes in being a father, in paving his own way and in being able to read our 2 boys more quickly & accurately than anyone. He lives each day to the fullest, even if that day includes laying around in pj's and never leaving the house, which he can happily do. He makes me slow down and smell the stinky diaper genie and will say over and over "how did we get so lucky?" He makes me want to be a better mom, a better person and a better partner.  He has only recently, since becoming a father, started celebrating Father's Day and on this special day I am happy to share how amazing of a father he is and how blessed I am to be his family.  

We have never been more tired, our bank account has never been so small, our house has never felt tinier and we have never been happier.  

Happy Father's Day sweet Jason, your family loves you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Random Tuesday Night at The Bert's........

Tonight poor Driscoe was asleep on the couch with a 101 fever by 6:30.  A bug has made its way from the DeVon house to the Bertillion house, which for us, is totally par for the course.  

Fortunately, Donovan has avoided this bug, and besides a little discomfort from teething he has been his normal happy self.
While big brother was snoozing, Donovan crawled his way into Driscoe's room, a place where he is usually forbidden (along with every other kid under age 3), and went buh-nana's.  I sat and watched quietly as he checked out every single toy, tried on the Spider-man mask (with my help), and just thoroughly enjoyed rummaging around in his big brother's room.  

I remembered doing the same thing in Sarah's room when I was little, except I would leave with her dirty clothes and wear them to school the next day. Nighty-night!


Sleep with one eye open, Driscoe.......

You did it Donovan! 
Now clean up that mess and get out before he wakes up.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer + Family

Summer is here! 

To give this blog a little lovin' and also some delicious eye-candy, we wanted to post the latest cover of LOCAL houston magazine which features one of the hottest moms we know! Lesli Pendergraft is not only a beautiful model & mother of four, she is also carefree, cool, and super funny. A rather HOT combination if you ask us! So here is to you Lesli P, our girl crush forever, you make our blog and LOCAL magazine look DAMN good! 

You can check out the issue HERE

Both Lesli and the owner's of Local houston magazine are family friends and you know how the Salinas' roll...

...we keep it all in the family! Even if you're not family, we treat you like family. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing (like when we invite a newbie over for a 'small' gathering and there's 40 screaming people that they've never met before). It's hectic and at times overwhelming, but we like it that way because eventually everyone feels right at home. 

I think that's one reason summer is so special to us. While we were growing up, our parents did an amazing job at keeping us busy all summer long and they surrounded us with positive people who are still our friends to this day.  From two-a-day swim practices, to cheerleading, dance, and swim camps to family road trips to Utah to visit our grandparents, summer was a truly special time of the year for the Salinas family.

To us, summer means family. Whether we're spending a day at the beach or sitting in the backyard with our feet in the kiddie pool while drinking hot beer and waving off pissed-off, mosquito-bitten toddlers ...we still keep the summer family tradition alive. 


Wading in the surf with Grandma Big Mar
Celebrating some good catches during a beach party in
Drunk Sarah & Julie giving hugs on the Guadalupe

At our good friend's bay house in Galveston. Looks to me like everyone is laughing at a joke that Sarah didn't find as funny...
Driscoe giving his mama dirty looks at his GG and Papa's bay house in Galveston.
Jim Bob hitting the surf in Hawaii!
Dax and Grandpa Jim Bob hanging out, talking about wade fishing.
Ol preggers a couple weekends ago in Galveston... I need a tan on that baby bump. Geez!
Mo is a true water baby, you can't pull him out of the surf.
Surfside beach with the Bertillions!
Dax and his best friend Paz learning how to boogie board (they call it surfing)
Best buds hanging out in the Galveston bay marshes
Beach babes!
Jason and his noodles on Lake Austin. He really needs to figure out how to relax.
Aunt Sarah and the boys having fun crabbing!
Grandpa Jimbob teaching the boys how to fish!
Driscoe in the kiddie pool at Aunt Loretta's in Milford, Utah
Beach family for life.

May you all continue or begin your own family traditions this year!

Peace, love & summertime :-)