Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keepin' It Real // My Life Lately

Lately I've been trying to find my balance between work and home and it has not been easy. My mean inner voice is constantly telling me I'm failing, and I don't disagree, I mean, my 3 year old eats chicken nuggets or corn dogs, almost every single night. I could rattle off a list of other departments where I feel I'm 'sucking', but what's the point. This is life. There are ups, there are downs. Right now, I'm just trying to keep my head above water and remember that women all over the world deal with the same exact thing. 

Today, someone sent me this article right on time. I'm sure you have seen it on your Facebook feeds as it's definitely #trending right now, because as I said above, 'women all over....'
I read one paragraph and felt a sigh of relief;  I wanted to share it with you:

"You can too, Young Mama. The new mom brain can be a real enemy, saying you are not enough and falling apart and a hot mess. But look at your children. Their shoes are on the correct feet, at least one has combed hair, those round bellies are clearly well-fed, and peek in their little eyes: lot of light in there, Mom. Those are the eyes of loved, cherished, cared-for babies. You’re doing it. You are raising whole humans, healthy and happy and safe."

After reading that I looked through some pics of my babies on my iPhone at work, something I do often. She was right. They are fed, even if it's not a home cooked meal, they are happy, they have on clothes and shoes, and they are loved. So, to my mean inner voice, leave me alone, you lose today. I'm sure we'll chat again soon, but next time i'll remind myself as I look through my iPhone pics to focus on their happy faces, and ignore the fact that I will not be cooking dinner tonight, again. 


Friday, March 20, 2015

Bink & Boo // Friday Giveaway!!!

bink & boo
Image of "Dono" baby bootiesImage of el hefe "noche" baby bootiesImage of "Lucky Day" baby booties
Image of "Haute Hippie" baby bootiesImage of "Zuri" baby bootiesImage of "Sunny & Cheer" baby booties
Photo Credit: Bink&Boo.com        
Donovan in his 'El Hefe' booties, I call them 'The Dude' booties though, they are so Lebowski to me.... 

Bink & Boo has quickly become my favorite shop for Driscoe, Donovan & every newborn in my world.
For starters their baby booties are to die for. The ladies of Bink & Boo find vintage fabrics and combine them with modern textiles to create the coolest 'SoCal vibe' booties you've ever seen, and at a great price. Since they use vintage fabrics each design is one of a kind and very limited, and I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for 'Limited Editions'. 

They also carry bibs, bloomers, and the cutest 'Ankle Biter' pants made out of re-purposed t-shirts for your tot that are great for potty training, (easy to slide on and off). 

So, since I'm such a big fan of this shop & their motto, 'Creating Sunshine & Cheer', we'd like to do just that with a giveaway!
All you have to do to enter to win an item of your choosing is:

>>----->Follow bohoBlack and Bink & Boo on Instagram 
>>----->Comment below with your favorite item in their shop

Bonus: Follow one more step on our Instagram and get a double entry! #bohoBlackGiveaway

Next Friday we'll pick one lucky winner, Good Luck!  

Bink & Boo
To learn more about how they give back click here.

love, bohoHoolia

Thursday, March 19, 2015

bohoBabies VIII

Spring Break 2015

Half of the babies are soaking up the sun in Cali, while the other half are enjoying this warm weather in H-Town! Oh, and our bohoBunInTheOven is cooking perfectly in bohoG$'s belly. 
Life is good.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Note. A Little About Miss Kaleena Sue

I have had the pleasure of knowing an amazing woman named Kaleena Sue. She is one of those rare people who is making a living with her God-given talent. Singer, actress, performing artist; when watching Kaleena from the audience, there is no denying that this is a lady who is truly living out her purpose. Anointed. When Kaleena sings, she just flat-out makes you feel good!

A supernatural being onstage, she is as human and vulnerable and genuine as you and I when the spotlight is off. This makes her even more magical. 

Everybody, meet Miss Kaleena Sue. 


A note. A little about Miss Kaleena Sue. 

I’m very excited to be here. 
Looking back is not something I like to do these days. It’s filled with deep depression, homelessness, unrequited love, pain, rejection and being alone with a girl who has a song to encapsulate every moment, a tear for every person she loves and misses, a smile and a laugh for every stupid mistake she has ever made, a cookie for every person who doesn’t really like her, a face smoosh for every person who does, but still detests her own reflection. 

It wasn’t too long ago when I knew exactly where I needed to be. I fit effortlessly in the cogs and mechanics of life and art and beauty and peace and song and dance and I had a stance; EVERYONE! BE KIND! 
I had no idea the specifics on how to make that happen. I live life in the vaguest noncommittal way. When asked, my response is always “I just want to make you happy!"

But, here’s the reality. I am too sensitive. I love too deeply. And trust my gut too carefully due to all the hurt I am willing to absorb from others. I have friends that last forever because of this and get rid of the excess pretty easily and unapologetically. They’ll find their own way so it’s never a hard loss. 

But, today. These past 8 months since being back home. I am still acclimating. My progress is attributed to the full force hurricane of silent sobs on couches and tip-toeing to bathrooms that aren’t mine. There is a standard. At my age. I no longer fit into this machine and I have to Be The Standard in order to be looked at fondly again….or loved. Financial independence, thats step one. In a world that is so overly saturated with fun free things to do all day on your modern day mobile device. The minuscule fee required for instant gratification is daunting. It’s horrifying. It’s honestly starving me. And what do I have but a voice and a body but only to entertain you with. Why pay for that? When there’s YouTube!

Let’s just say I’m kind of looking at life as A Long Way Down…Nick Hornby style. 

But, today. Today, I had a friend sit next to me on her newly delivered POOL BLUE sofa that I’ve been sleeping on for a wonderful month now. And we’re sitting. She’s playing video games like the beautiful and one-of-a-kind nerd that she is. And I’m thinking, “God, she is so beautiful. How could someone so beautiful be so kind and so maternal and open her arms to so many people who need help and kindness in a world where none is to be found?”
Then it hits me. She has hand selected with great scrutiny every wonderful person in her life. Her world. And I’M a part of it. ME? The girl who looks at herself and physically gets sick? Why?
Yesterday? I had tacos with another friend that I somehow created a lifelong bond with in a matter of months, and we’re sitting. And I’m listening to all her ideas and her pure unadulterated happiness and acceptance for the chaotic nature of life. She is so refreshing. And I think, “she has been a guiding light, just like my roommate, always there to cheer me up, always there to pump me up, always there to listen and share new ideas and meaningful cigarettes” 
Why? I’ve done nothing to deserve this!
I have another friend who somehow operates as my biggest confidant and biggest fan and has integrated me into an amazing and accepting and grounded family that just knows how to love so well! not to mention, offered this amazing platform to connect with you all and share my head. 
And the one man, whom I adore and love unconditionally because I know all about him, his truths, his flaws, his nature, the one man I love so deeply and so purely that I looked at him and thought, “Nope, Kaleena. GTFO….he’s too good.” Everyday, I’m here for him and he’s there for me. Everyday. Only thing separating us is The Standard, my low self-esteem and inability to obtain it and 1,628 miles and etc. It’s a pretty long list, admittedly. 

But, last week. I sang. I sang loud and clear and well and I was wearing costumes custom made for me and I had glitter and applause I looked to my left and saw my friends, my comrades, my saviors. I looked to my right and didn’t even notice the exit. I looked down and saw my shoes sparkling brilliantly from the spotlight and when I looked up there was no ceiling.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Mo's Monday Jam

Mo has the best foot stomping dance moves and this jam gets those little legs moving fast.  It's St. Paul & The Broken Bones, they jam, they scream, they have a horns section....it's new but sounds so old and groovy.  Check it out, try not to like it, I dare you. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Carefree in Chloé Please!

On this ridiculously cold day I am day dreaming of beaches and Chloé Spring 2015 dresses. I need a beach, I need a bigger closet and I need some serious dough for one of these...but I already have the required flat chest!  Come day dream with me....

Oahu, Hawaii
Chains please
Grand Cayman
i need this
Amalfi Coast, Italy
so boho so black

St.Martin, BVI

Jimbob's Friday Sunrise Report

We upgraded our dad (bohoJimbo) from a Blackberry to an iPhone and in-turn upgraded our Friday Sunrise reports!  We couldn't be more excited to have this little glimpse into our hometown sent to us every Friday.   And here's to warmer weather and smaller bohoBabies...we are ready for you summer!