Friday, January 30, 2015

A Story About Young Love & Advice from Daddy......

Dax put on an old jacket yesterday and found a small plastic ring in the pocket with Frozen characters on it.   I said, wow that’s cool, you should wear it!  He said “I'm going to give it to someone” put it back in his pocket and I didn't think anything of it. 

This morning as we walked into the playground at school, I watched him run right up to his classmate Emily, pull the ring out of his pocket and give it to her.  Emily’s mom, his teacher and I all just stood there mouths dropped.  He had saved it and put it in his jeans pocket, knowing he was going to give it to her. 

A few hours later, Jason and I picked him up and he said a boy stole the ring from Emily and hit him on the head.  Jason said “next time when he hits you, you hit him back in the same exact spot”.  Young love….

Happy Friday friends,

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2 Drunk Girls....Julep

cutie bartender Josh 

It's not very often we get out on a weeknight, but we heard there was a new bad ass bartender at Julep and decided to check him out!  Typically, a glass of red wine or an ice cold beer is our drink of choice, but at a craft cocktail bar like Julep we couldn't bear to ask this talented cutie to simply pour a glass of vino.  We left the ordering to him and we were more than pleasantly surprised.  The Spiced Julep, Sparkling Mint Julep, Rail to Satsuma and Pimm’s Cup were some of our favorites.  Yes, we have a headache today but it was research for this blog of course!

Each cocktail is like a mini masterpiece; almost as fun to watch it be made as it is to drink. We loved it and will definitely be back, especially to sit outside next to the retro fire pits and listen to the coolest playlist in Houston.  Oh and everyday from 4-6:30 is half price drinks!  

Jolly &  Julep,

1919 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newborn gowns, you can thank me later

I didn't understand or fully appreciate newborn gowns until my second baby.  I have two boys, gowns mean girls, but not these gowns.  These gowns are for newborns and during those sleepless nights of endless diaper changes in the dark, the last thing you need in your life is buttons or snaps.  You'll also appreciate the built in mittens to keep those thin, sharp baby nails from scratching their perfect face.  Ah I miss that newborn smell...
Electic Kidz has the cutest ones I've seen.  You can find them at Nordstrom.
Another Electric Kidz because it's a BABY MERMAID!!   
Kickee Pants are so soft, my babies lived in these.  They last forever and make a great gift for any expecting mommas!  Find them HERE.
They really are incredibly soft!  

Carter's are a great bargain and perfect for stocking up!

So if you know an expecting mom who doesn't have one of these on her registry, do her a favor and grab one!  And if you have a baby on the way stock up, it's the perfect easy access to those little baby toes.


Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year New Hair

I'm still contemplating making new years resolutions and yes i realize its Jan 26, the first on my list should be to stop procrastinating.  But, the new year is a great time to debut new hair!  I've searched blogs and magazines and am loving the new IT cut of 2015 - the "medium cut". If you are interested in hopping on the shoulder length train, check out these pics, I have rounded up some of the best.  
Center parted and shaggy:  My inner 70's girl is loving this laid back look. (via Byrdie)
The Blunt Bob: Requires minimal styling and looks best when a little bed head is involved.  It's simple, easy and so chic. (via La 21 Eme)
Long Bangs: Keep the layers minimal throughout the cut and opt for some long, face-framing bangs.  I wish I could dye my hair this perfect shade!!! (via Nylon)
Bob with Bangs: This is the messier, more bed head version of Michelle Pfeiffer's so hot Scarface cut.  Supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw keeps the look fresh and funky, not too American Girl Doll-like.  (via Fashionising)
Angled Bob: Similar to the blunt bob, Olivia Palermo's cut is a little bit longer and slightly more angled.  The highlights in the front are an easy way to add dimension to your color. (via Mia)
The Big Part: If bangs aren't your thing, make your simple shoulder cut stand out by adding a dramatic part.  bohoGrace rocks this style and it always looks so simple, yet so chic! (via The Satorialist)

Are you planning on doing anything new with your tresses in 2015?  If so, please share!  We love a good before and after.


bohoBabies week II

Camilla: Constantly on the go and finally able to rock a pony tail!
Driscoe: Obsessed with Taylor Swift music videos. 
Gjelina: loves going to Verde park.
Dax: This is his Incredible Hulk face.
Morris:  So happy to be pushed around the driveway in his stroller.
Caymus: Loves basketball and supporting the Rockets!

Donovan: Loves to snuggle and will soon be adding a tooth to that smile.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat (....and be cute)

Today we have a guest blog post from one of our favorite California cousins, Mrs. Hannah Hanrahan.  Pretty sweet name right? The first time she met her husband, he said, ‘Wow, if you ever married me your name would be Hannah Hanrahan.’ Apparently she really liked that name, because they are now married and just welcomed to the world their first child, a beautiful baby girl by the name of Stella Noelle. She is perfect. She is a girl. We are very happy about that! So without further ado, a little something from Hannah about the wonderful ups and downs of life with a newborn!  

Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat (… and be cute)

Anyone with a newborn knows exactly what I’m talking about – the early days essentially revolve around the baby eating, sleeping, pooping, and repeating this every 2-3 hours 24/7.  The saving grace is they are so freaking cute and cuddly it keeps you going! 

Needless to say the past 3 weeks have been rough but, I got 3 hours of sleep - in a row - last night leaving me feeling refreshed and like maybe I’ll sleep again one day! (Although I admit as each night rolls around I’m slightly afraid of what lies ahead…).

Today we ventured out and added a photo shoot to Stella’s usual sleeping schedule.  Our photographer Jess Swenson asked us to prep by heating up the house to 80 degrees (no problem) and keeping Stella awake so she was a little cranky and ready to eat and sleep when Jess arrived at 11 am (maybe a problem).  For anyone with a 3 week old it’s impossible to commit to any timeline.  Maybe it’s just me… but at this point what Stella wants, Stella gets.  So the idea of keeping her awake longer then she wanted to be awake and not feeding her was a bit scary.  Luckily she cooperated and right on queue fell fast asleep for pictures.

She was a natural posing perfectly for each picture. 

Until about 20 minutes in, when the pooping started.  

That’s the one thing you can’t predict.  Eating – they give you signs of hunger. Sleeping - they get cranky or just pass out.  But the pooping can hit at any moment.  Dave found this out the hard way when on our first day home she literally sprayed poop all over the nursery during a diaper change.  Of course she recovers quickly by being adorable.

(Dave’s trying to be cool but inside he’s terrified he’ll be her next victim).

Now for a newborn photographer, apparently this is just part of the job.  So with poop running down her shirt, Jess quickly wiped up, made sure the shooting zone was poop free, and continued on like a pro.  As for Dave and I…. well I was just trying not to laugh too loud and wake Stella up.  Dave, for anyone who knows him, is a bit of a neat freak and was running around the house with wipes trying to keep things clean.  

Aside from a few accidents Stella mastered her first photo shoot leaving her exhausted at the end – modeling is a tough job after all :)  

Below are a few sneak peaks from the shoot (thanks Jess! For the pics and Lisa Inez for the hat).

Dave and I survived as well with only a few loads of laundry to do and one more adventure under our belt + many more to come!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Redneck Weekend….Right At Home!

Between work, babies, and the holidays, poor ol' bohoBlack fit no where in my schedule.

I don't know about you, but the holiday's kicked our butts! The weekend before Christmas we decided to take both babies to the deer lease. That would be just 5 days after I was in the ER getting morphine for a pulled neck. Clearly the decision to take our 4 month old was made under the influence of pain killers.

Nevertheless, we did it and we all survived. We even survived a night of sleeping with no heat. (We found the space heater the next morning and I agreed to stay through the weekend, because I spent the entire night awake, freezing and planning my great escape.)

It ended up being such a fun little trip. Driscoe witnessed a deer cleaning for the first time, and was completely unfazed. He walked up to Papa while eating a bag of cookies and asked, "Papa, how's that reindeer doing?" Ew. My stomach still gets a little queasy at the thought.

We bundled up and played outside the entire time.  We rode around dirt roads in the burb with no car seats, sat by the fire, saw moo cows, and just did a whole lotta nothing. We even managed to squeeze in a nap.  Driscoe loved it, my boys are happiest outside, wild and dirty.

I love that we are starting new traditions with our little family, and the deer lease with Papa is at the top of that list.  Now, back to a normal schedule and hopefully some more blogging. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics from our weekend.

*We are from Texas, we shoot and eat deer, if that freaks you out there are some pics here you might not enjoy.  Just a lil disclaimer. 

Lotta snuggling in that cold weather!

This napping spot did not last long....mini heart attack when I noticed the gun case, empty gun case, but still. 

Ridin Dirty

These cows were kind of aggressive, but it was fun being so close. Driscoe kept saying we were going to see, 'moo cows and kitty cats'. We did not see any kitty cats.
No heat? No problem! He is such a happy baby!

Donovan & Papa, 100% related.
If I had sent out Christmas cards this year I would have used this pic, so Merry Christmas from the Bertillions!  (Santa was special needs, the sweetest greeter we've ever met.)
His outfits kill me. 
Cute pic of Papa and Driscoe, but Ew.
This pic, this is what it's all about! Campfire time with Papa.