Friday, November 30, 2012

Smooth Skin Bar

I recently, as in yesterday, had a facial (which was wayyy over due) and I am so in love with my face right now. I swear my face is as soft as my little 6 month old niece (she's on the right, that lip...I die!).

 I highly recommend going to see Linda at Smooth Skin Bar. She is so knowledgeable about all different skin types. She understands that not all of us are the typical A, B, C, or D skin type; sometimes there are the in-betweeners like muah. However, she is not the pushy sales person type though. You have to tell her you want to buy products, before she will sit down with you and talk to you about what she thinks would be best for your skin moving forward. Trust me you are going to want to do this; she starts you out on tons of samples so you don't get stuck with something you don't like. She is awesome and really cares about making you look and feel your best.

These are the skin cares that she started me out on, and I must say they feel and smell heavenly.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"put a little BLACK in it..."

Our Monday's are our off days and usually consists of watching a movie at https://www.sundancecinemas.com/houston.html(best movie theatre in Houston), dinner at http://uchirestaurants.com/houston/and in bed before 9pm!  I know we are lame... But we love it.  This week, we saw Silver Linings Playbook, a Romantic comedy with some underlying truths, starring Jennifer LawrenceBradley CooperRobert De NiroJulia Stiles and Chris Tucker.  I enjoyed the film so much, I felt obliged to share some thoughts with you guys. 

First a little history, met bohoSarah in 2001 while cheering for the Houston Texans. We had a great time cheering, but joke that meeting each other was the best thing from it! I instantly feel in love with her sisters and awesome family. There is probably not a more fun family than the Salinas'!!! From there we merged all the sisters to start this blog... we did try to hook bohoKady, a.k.a Sister and their brother up so we could be real sisters... but that didn't happen. I think we would all agree filmsplays and even football games (my boyfriend is a BIG football fanso now I have no choice but to like it a little more) can help us escape from our own foggy realities for a couple of hours. I was drawn to this film because it linked dance(which I LOVE), footballand love in a very alluring wayIt wasn't the classic chick flick; it had more substance. My boyfriend even enjoyed it... and not just because football was involved.

had started the day working out and then couldn't get moving... think I was waiting on it to get cold outsideso I would have an excuse to stay in. Sometimes I feel like I see the same thingseat the same things and get in a mood(I am very thankful for my lifejust being honest). Surprisingly, this film allowed me to release and see life through another set of lens..., and it was awesomeThe main character, Pat, is acclaimed socially awkward, bipolar and says things without a filter. I feel like I am around too many straight laced humans sometimes and question who really sees life clearer. Pat or them? Aren't we all surrounded by mere illusions of what we want to accept? After seeing life through Pat, I felt very inspiredcreativeand as if I had too had had therapy. Pat's vulnerability is what I had been lacking... and he helped me put a little spark in my step and value what's important in my life. I am so lucky to have a group of bohosisters to listen to me if I need to vent or ask for adviceA teamgroup or collaboration always makes for a better decision. So I say risk everything, stick togethersee things more grey than black or white and surround yourself with more positive humans...And go see the film! It will turn your Monday around.
*In the film, Chris Tucker says, "put a little black in it..." referring to adding a little booty while dancing. So either "...put a little black in it..." or follow us and our blog's motto,  A divulgence of the happiness within. Take some with you or leave some behind. 

*what i would do for an ass like that!