Friday, February 1, 2013

Beyonce, Brothers, & Barney!! Super Bowl XLVII

I am a bit obsessed with Beyonce...and being one of her back-up dancers. 

My Beyonce love is stronger than ever.  The whole lip singing the National Anthem?  WHO CARES!!  Oh, but if you do, don't worry, she took care of that.  She pretty much gave those haters the Heisman.

You can check her out at the Super Bowl press conference HERE

I am so excited for this Super Bowl I cant stand it!!!  Beyonce at half time??  The 49ers?  Brothers coaching?  I sit and daydream of Dax and Morris coaching in the Super Bowl one day.  Who would I root for?  What if one of my son's became a Dallas Cowboys coach??!!  AHH the shame!! 

And then, if you haven't heard, my little brother's twin is quarterbacking my sweet Grandpa Barney's beloved 49'ers. So it is safe to say I will be rooting for the 49ers this Sunday!!  Who are picked to win by 4 points...if you are in to that kind of stuff ;)

*yes, i picked that picture of my brother because it was a picture of ME looking skinny.  tell me you wouldn't do the same and i'll call you a liar.  


Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!!!!  I know my Grandpa Barney will be on his couch in heaven rooting for his team....and he'll probably turn off his hearing aid during Beyonce's half time show to take a lil nap, and that makes me smile.



  1. Haha! I cracked up at the insert about the picture of you & the lil bro! Touche, Sarah.... touche! ;)

    1. girl you gotta get em in when you can!!! and it's good inspiration after 2 bambinos!!!