Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Booty, baby-belly and lingerie. YAY!

We may have you on La Mode overload this week, and I'm sorry.  But I really could go on and on about the place.  I have shopped there for a while now, but not necessarily on the lingerie side.  They carry really fun brands like Wildfox, LnA and Black Halo.  It's where I bought this Gypsy 05 dress that I wore during both pregnancies and it was even better for right after baby...you know when your baby is in your arms and your belly didn't get the memo.
So I was super excited when I heard we were doing a fun lil collaboration with LaMode!!  But that fun turned into fear when I was told we were doing a Valentines Day LINGERIE shindig.  "Wait, what about the fun dresses and LnA T-shirts they sell??"  Nope, lingerie.  Where most would start jogging immediately, like in place, I think I ordered up some Tiff's Treats.  I just had a baby 4 months ago and I'm breast feeding, I can't starve myself.  And I hate jogging.

This is me....staring at dressing rooms full of lingerie, regretting those damn snicker-doodle cookies.  But the best part about this pic, and one of the greatest things about La Mode is the lighting in their dressing rooms!!!  I swear, they have the BEST dressing room lighting in all of Houston.  Instantly I felt more comfortable and started to have fun.  I even began trying on lingerie, with lil gravity defying booties running around.  Please see below.

Bubbly definitely helped loosen things up!

Bottom line I learned a few things that I would like to share.  I am new to buying nice lingerie, Jason bought me the prettiest set I own at a little boutique in Paris (and that sweet occasion deserves it's own blog post).  So, from this fancy lingerie rookie:
  • Go to a place with great lighting and a helpful staff.  They pulled items for us I would have never chosen for myself and I loved everything!!  Man those lights. 
  • Loosen up!  Some need bubbly, some need a pep talk, but go in there with an open mind and be nice to yourself.  We are all just working with the gifts God gave us, or in my case the new curves 2 lil angels gave me :)  I repeat, be nice to yourself. 
  • Go with friends, or sisters!  I never would have thought to go lingerie shopping with ANYONE and this was one of the most fun shopping experiences I've ever had.  We laughed and oooh and ahhhed and just lifted each other up. 
That's all I got!  Happy Valentine's week everyone.  I hope you feel inspired to wear something sexy and thoughtful for your Valentine.  What a fun day to celebrate!!  Love and sex and flowers and candy and booze!  And if all of the above didn't convince you enough to slip into a lil somethin-somethin, I will leave you with the words of the brilliant Shannen Doherty "If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent lingerie?"


*Another lil trick I learned is have a bad ass photographer take pics that make you feel like a Helmut Newton chick!!!   We are so very lucky to be friends with the amazing Brooke Schwab.  This was her first lil dabble in naked chicks who weren't giving birth.  HAAAAAAAAAA!! Love you Brooke!!!

Brooke Schwab


  1. That booty really does defy gravity.

  2. Love this! The pics are great!! Yes, that perfect booty has me re-thinking everything I eat...
    la mode girl