Monday, December 31, 2012

I Love Target.

Along with millions of other people, I get it. But for baby/toddler clothes, Target is my spot. In the beginning I was spending too much money on Driscoe's clothing, and I have since learned that babies grow like a weed! His Splendid outfits only saw the light of day for a few weeks before they were handed down to his even faster growing cousin, Mo! That starts to hurt after a while! 
But seriously, look how cute that Splendid jumpsuit is on him! 

OK, fast forward to when I saw the light on baby clothing, and that light was cute $12 skinny jeans at Target! Thank you Cherokee. Gray skinny's on his little butt is buh-nanas. 
These kids clothing lines are why I love shopping at Target for him! 
First, there was the line by the oh-so fabulous and bad-ass mom, Gwen Stefani:

Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Boys' Skinny Pant Harajuku Mini for Target® Infant Boys Bodysuit Green/Orange
Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Boys' Vest

LOVED IT! And the prices were so great, especially when they went on sale! 30% off $12 onesies!? I'll take it!
Then I stumbled upon the comic-tee's. What little boy doesn't need a superhero t-shirt, especially when its priced at $8-$9? Another steal when it goes on sale!
Spider-Man Infant Toddler Boys' Short-Sleeve Tee - Black Cat
Tank Tops too!
Is there anything cuter than a baby/toddler boy in a tank?

Another great find at Target is Genuine Kids from OshKosh These clothes are probably the highest priced, but its great material and super cute styles, and still under $20!
Genuine Kids from OshKosh™ Infant Toddler Boys' Long-Sleeve Knit Tee
Genuine Kids from OshKosh™ Infant Toddler Boys' Long-Sleeve Tee
Genuine Kids from OshKosh™ Infant Toddler Boys' Sweatshirt

And if you have not been to Target recently and you have a little boy at home, then get over there right now! The new boys line by Shaun White is SO DAMN CUTE! I got some cute tees for my nephew for Christmas and bought Driscoe the coolest sweat pants ever, and they fit him perfectly. 
Shaun White Infant Toddler Boys' 2-Fer Long-Sleeve Tee
(pants by Shaun White for Target, shoes by Circo, hoodie was a gift!)
Shaun White Infant Toddler Boys' Sweatpants
Shaun White Infant Toddler Boys Long-Sleeve Woven Shirt
Shaun White Infant Toddler Boys' Hoodie
Shaun White Infant Toddler Boys' 2-Fer Long-Sleeve Tee
Finally, if you need more convincing about how cute these clothes are, check out the blog Ascot Friday, this mommy-fashionista is a Target lover too! She and her 2 sons are always dressed so cute! Her tumblr page, Target Does it Again shows SO many rad finds from Target! I'm really excited about digging thru to find some stuff for myself as well! Daron must be so happy I've become quite the bargain shopper! 

Ok, I'm off to Target, no seriously, we are out of diapers. 
Adios and Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!! 

love, bohoJB

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Overload.

This time of year is always filled with way too many glutinous festivities. Tons of sweets, tons of drinking, and tons of over eating. Thank God, it's finally sweater weather. I mean I try to not beat myself up too much around this time of year, because it is almost impossible to not be around it constantly. So, in trying to get back into the swing of things, I have been looking into changing a couple of things. Ryan, my manager, is diving into cutting out sugar all together and taking on the Paleo diet. I know sugar is extremely toxic for your body, but I don't want to go so far one direction and not be able to enjoy a late night milk and cookie. I mean come on you can't go the rest of your life without something sweet to keep you going. I started looking into Kim Synder's, Beauty Detox, she takes a more realistic approach to things and might be a easier transition for me. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate having fun and enjoying a nice meal without going into a food coma. The best way to get an opinion on something is to listen to others, so if anyone has any suggestions let a sister know.


Friday, December 28, 2012

My Best Friends Wedding....

We are off to Austin for the weekend for our cousins wedding!! We are so excited for her and her super sweet and charming fiance, John! Congrats you lovebirds!! WE LOVE WEDDINGS! (pics to follow!)

love, bohoBlack

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It takes a village......

I really thought Driscoe was too young for a present filled Christmas morning this year. I thought he'd be more into wrapping paper and boxes than the actual gift, and so, I got him nothing. That's right....nothing. I'm an airhead, and thankfully, i'm not his only parent! His Dad came home from work on Christmas Eve with a huge stuffed animal dog and a 4x4 Cozy Coupe. If you have ever put a Cozy Coupe together then you know it's HELL. Daron put one together for our nephew Dax in August and I knew after that fiasco Driscoe would never end up with one unless someone else bought it and put it together for us. So to see his dad show up with that Cozy Coupe, in the box, after that stressful August morning, really made my heart swell and I began to wonder why I didn't think I should get him anything? Then Grandpa Jimbob showed up with tons of wrapped gifts for Driscoe to open on Christmas morning, and I realized what a moron I had been!?! What was I thinking? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 
Driscoe loved his gifts so much Christmas morning, and he could have cared less about the wrapping paper, which I'm still a little shocked about! His reaction walking into the living room and seeing the huge stuffed animal and the big Cozy Coupe box was priceless. I was way off on this one. 
 Lesson 1,500,001 in mommy hood: Sometimes Daddy and Grandpa know best!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

We put the dog on the floor and he just stared at it for a while!

This car was from Grandpa Jimbob, he loved it! 

He loves showing those pearly whites!

What a fun morning we had!!! I love that little boy so much!! Next year, Santa won't have shit on this mommy! haha!

love, bohoJB

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I think I could eat rustic, California, fresh everyday!  The produce is amazing here. Anywho... if you need to detox after yesterday's Christmas meal, here you go!

My best friend's boyfriend, Chris Parker, cooked one night for us and that was the night I feel in LOVE with Salmon.  When I find something new usually I kill it (eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then I am over it very quickly... but with this recipe I keep coming back.

It's super easy!  And one of the bohoBlack sisters is now a cooking machine (a.k.a bohosarah) so I thought it was appropriate to share an easy and healthy recipe to get us through the week.


4 salmon fillets (Costco or whole foods)

1 bunch of Rosemary Sprigs
Course-grained salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Season salmon with salt and pepper.  Place salmon skin side down on a non-stick baking sheet and drizzle agave on top and add rosemary sprigs.  Bake until salmon is cooked through, about 10-15 minutes.

Steam some Broccoli and Bon app├ętit


7 Merry Days of bohoBlackness