Thursday, February 7, 2013

bohoBios ~ bohoJulia

My name is Julia aka Julie//Jules//Beverly//Bev//Aunt Julie//Aunt Jules//Mama//Boolie//J-Lu//Juice//J-bone, depends on who I'm talkin' to.....I'm a small town girl living in Houston,TX with my husband of almost 6 years and our 14 month old son, Driscoe Barney. We have 2 wild dogs, Dusty and Bernice, and a cozy home where we like to spend most of our time. 
Me, In a rather large nutshell:
-I'm a cancer...aka moody and oversensitive
-I'm from Freeport,TX, born in the same hospital as Selena Quintanilla, RIP
-God is my savior. I can't thank Him enough for my many blessings.
-I'm extremely passionate and protective over my family, it sometimes gets me in trouble.
-I would suck without my husband. He makes me a better person all the way around...happier, funnier, smarter, nicer, all of those things. He is my life.
-I love my son so much it hurts. He has brought me more happiness than I could have ever dreamed.
-I have the most loving parents anyone could ask for, I've started to pay them back in grand kids, they like it.
-I love girls nights & girls trips. I'm a girls-girl through and through. I hope my girls know how much I love them.
-I have freakishly amazing in-laws
-My nose is pierced.
-I bite my nails. 
-I'm a clean freak.
-I love to get drunk and sing really loud, problem is, I have the worst voice EVER.
-I'm kind of controlling :/ workin' on it!
-I love costume parties and Halloween.
-I got jumped once....haven't run my mouth since. 
-I love yoga, but never get to practice.
-My drink of choice: red wine or ice cold beer
-My wig of choice: blonde bob.
-I'm usually an open book.
-I peed in my pants in front of my whole second grade class and lived to tell the story.
-I dream about living on a beach somewhere with Daron and Driscoe and never working again.
-Laughing is my favorite thing to do, which is why Daron is my favorite company, even after 9 years.
-I try on 10 different outfits before deciding on one, which is usually the first one I tried on. 
-My passport has been on hiatus for a few years now.
-I wanted to be a Child Life Specialist so I went to shadow one.....I could never do it. I think they are incredible.
-I'm terrified of Aliens and UFO's.
-I laugh a lot at work and truly enjoy the people I work with.
-I love dogs.
-I love depressing WWII novels & depressing music.
-I love dark comedy.
-I want more babies, I'm just not sure when.
-I'm often long winded. 
-I'm happiest at home, or any child-proofed home, with my family & friends & our babies, eating good food, drinking wine, listening to good music, and laughing.

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  1. Ahh! I remember that day in Ms. Mallory's class! Friggin' terrifying but a good story 20 years later :)


    1. Danni yes! U were such a great friend that day! Thank u!!!! Xoxox

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  2. you got your sister jumped too!! lol. best concert ever!!!

    1. hmmm...might be a fun blog post. one day. ;)

    2. it was not the best concert ever, it was scary. ur crazy. ur a fighter. im a lover. def could be a funny post! hehe!

  3. Love these boho bios and blogs! You boho black girls rock!

    1. I love you Jemina. I'm glad you enjoy them. Come on down to Texas and bring that baby! We have some brothers for him to play with!