Monday, March 31, 2014

Low Muscle Tone + Mo = More Prayers/Less Google

Two weeks ago at Mo's 18 month check-up his pediatrician threw us a pretty big curve ball.  He is not walking and I assumed that "all babies do things on their own and its no rush, blah blah blah."  Well guess what, at 18 months if your baby hasn't decided to walk on their own, shit gets real.  She told us that he displays the signs of having Low Muscle Tone (Sits in a "W", not walking, mouth always open, very flexible, tires easily).  He would need to see a physical therapist and then a neurologist at Texas Children's.  After she said the N word, I don't think I heard anything else.  Jason asked some good questions, I don't know what they were.  

I read something this weekend on a list of 50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have.  Number 50 was NEVER let Google diagnose you.  The past two weeks I have failed at that miserably, and even worse I have been letting Google diagnose my son!!  My perfect, sweet, hilarious son.  Is something going on that might be keeping him from walking?  Possibly, but my gosh the state of funk I have allowed myself to be in because of the internet has been ridiculous.  I'm laying off the webMD and putting that focus into more prayers for Mo.  In two weeks he is already walking and standing more, it's like he just needed to be asked to do it (Or it could be the egg whites our nanny is rubbing on his legs everyday).  He is going to physical therapy twice a week and seems to really enjoy it.  He had a blood test done on Thursday, has an MRI scheduled for mid April and sees the Neurologist end of May.  It's all really scary and this nagging worry that it could be something causing this, or absolutely nothing and he just needs extra help to get moving along.  Either way, it's something that is on my mind 24/7 and its hard to write about anything else.  Any prayers and good vibes sent his way are appreciated.  And if anyone knows or has babies who were low muscle tone I am totally open to hearing about your experiences with diagnosis, treatment, etc.  Just no more generalized, scary websites for this lil momma.

Standing more than sitting lately. 

Working on balance at therapy.

Then some ab work.

Some more crunches….look at that determination.

And he’s out!!!  Resting for……



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Italy rubbed oFF ON SISTER, bohoK.day fell in love

With..... {Campari & Soda} 

No, No, No Italian Stallion yet- but we are definitely still looking for her perfect bohoMAN!  And as her FAVORITE big Sister, I am allowed to pimp her out.  Any-who, let me show you how to really win her heart.  >-------->

First, you need to know how to make a Good Campari & Soda or know where to take her to get one!  

This love affair may have begun in Italy after popping too many of these little puppies…

Campari and Soda

Fever Tree Soda
Orange wheel for garnish
High ball glass

{Mix 2 parts Campari and 1 part Soda in a tall glass with crushed ice. Stir & Garnish with an orange wheel}

Grant first introduced me to these a couple of years ago and I almost threw up!  It is definitely an acquired taste for some...so don't be surprised if your first thought after a sip is COUGH SYRUP.  You too will eventually love, as for bohok.day, she fell in love inside a small bustling cafe in Italy.  It's so European :)  

*Note* If you order a Capari & Soda in Paris be careful not to get lemonade with it.  Ask for eau gaze use - A sweet Parisian gentlemen sitting next to us at a brasserie shared this little tip. 

Our favorite "Campari Time" was in Rome at a restaurant called, Dilla.  So please remember Mr. bohoMAN, whomever you are - She prefers to drink them on a small terrace in Southern Italy.  


Designed to waken the senses and develop the appetite, the apéritif encompases a wide variety of wines, spirits and liqueuers, usually accompanied by some light snacks. 

from http://www.mixographer.com


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring breakalicious

This Spring Break was my favorite.  I spent most of the week in Galveston with Izzy and our combined 4 boys - all under the age of 3.  Chaos, tantrums, shitty diapers, beer, fishing poles, ninja chops, kites, rattle snakes, more laughter than tears and some sun burns pretty much sums it up.  Jacy came for a night with her 2 babies, cooked us an over the top dinner and got Dax to eat more veggies in one night than he eats in a week.  My Dad came for a day and took us all fishing, we didn't catch a thing and no one fell off the dock - success.   

We went to Freeport on our way home and my fishing obsessed Dax got his first big catch!  In total he caught 5 ten-inch piggy perch, and has told anyone and everyone that he caught 7 BIIIIIG FISH!!  Apparently inflated fishing stories start young!  We got back to the big city, took the babes on a convertible ride and spent the rest of the day contemplating buying an old loud car.  They've never fallen asleep so fast!!  It was a great week.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Yoga By Equinox.

Riiiiise and shine with this little sequence. From Italy, to Paris, to LA; this bohobeauty has had her fair share of fine dining. Now it's time to snap it back and get ready for the Summer.

Yoga Inspired.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Pick the Pic Bracket 2014 Featuring bohoSARAH

Look who showed up on the Houston Texans Pick the Pic Bracket!!!

Our very own, 

I'm totally geeking out, but that is what little sisters are SUPPOSED to do! So help us put the hottest cheerleader I know back on top by clicking HERE.

You will see her pretty little face in the Wild Card Race (bottom right), if you click on it, you will be sent to the next bracket, then click on her again and scroll to the bottom, that is where you can cast your final vote! After filling out my March Madness bracket, I must admit, this bracket is 100x more fun! We love cheerleaders! 

Love, bohoBoolie

Boy or Girl?! We found out!!!!

It's a boy!!!! 

I'm 19 weeks, I'm finally starting to show and I felt the first flutters of this baby boy's movements 2 weeks ago! How sweet it is!

I was SO anxious to find out what we were having that a family member may have snuck me into a hospital to get an ultrasound. It's funny though, as much as I wanted to know I really just wanted to see the heartbeat. When she started the ultra sound the very first thing to pop on the screen was his weiner, and I remember thinking, 'I knew it, now find the heartbeat!' Once we saw it I relaxed and immediately texted the family that boys are officially taking over. My dad's response: "Praise God! We're gonna need a bigger boat." I had a feeling all along that it would be a boy! I'm so happy Driscoe is getting a little brother, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared at the thought of more WILD boys destroying my house. There is gonna be a lot of vino in my future, just sayin.

The second trimester has been so much better though, I have energy, and I think I'm less cranky. I guess some could say otherwise, but surely they aren't dumb enough to do that. Size wise I'm in that weird 'tweener' stage, as I like to call it. I'm not showing enough to wear maternity clothes, but I'm showing enough that my normal clothes are getting a lil too snug. Basically I have what looks like a beer gut. I've been doing the pony tail holder trick on my jeans to give my beer gut some breathing room, but I know eventually my legs will catch up to my gut and all my jeans will be out the window. Until then I'm rockin' those bad boys and trying not to look like stuffed sausage, it ain't easy.

I have been hitting the gym though, and by hitting the gym I mean I've gone 4x. I walk on an incline of 10-12 for a mile then do squats, lunges, curls, and shoulder exercises. With Driscoe I swam and practiced yoga the entire pregnancy, two workouts I do not have the time to do anymore, unfortunately. So this pregnancy I'm sticking to legs and arms and short walks because quite frankly I don't want to work out to begin with, so I gotta keep it short and sweet. I found this website today with some great leg workouts and did a few at the gym, my legs were BURNING. Check them out here.

Anyways, that's all I have for right now! I'll leave you with the sweetest voice singing his heart out to his best friend, oh and if anyone has some great boy names, TELL US!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Italy & France… BohoTravels

We just got back from our Fantastic Trip to Italy & France and couldn't be more thrilled to share some of our Favorite Spots with you all…

We flew into Rome with two bohoBabies, Caymus (6 years old) and Camilla (4 1/2 months old) 

Don't be scared to take those bohoBabies with you! Just message me and I'll give you some advice and tips for traveling with little ones!

I definitely don't know all the hidden gems of Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris, but we loved all the places we visited and I'm so excited to share them with all of you!  I didn't include the hours of operations nor links, but tried to list as many addresses as I could.  I would definitely recommend calling in advance for hours and reservations.

{FYI… bohok.day is a buyer at Abejas Boutique and was sent to Paris for market and we just decided to make a trip of it!} 

Accommodations: we used airbnb and LOVED it
Before we left for our trip, I tried to teach Caymus something about each place we were going.  That way he would understand it more once he saw it.  he swears there are only 134 steps at the Spanish Steps and not the 135 he learned about.

Roma, Italia
we saw the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon

Piazza delle Coppelle, 44, 00186 Roma, Italia
Phone:+39 06 6830 7895

Vinoteca Novecento- cute little wine bar next to Maccheroni's

47, Piazza delle Coppelle, Roma, Italia
Phone: +00 39 06.6833078

Late night Selfies with my Niece.

Gelateria Venchi- YummyYUMMY Gelato...
via della Croce 25, 00187 Roma Italia
Phone: +39 06 69295049

L'Antica Salumeria-great prosciutto sandwich after visiting the Pantheon   
Piazza della Rotonda 4RomaItalia
Phone: +06-68-75-989

Dilla-Great for a Campari & Soda/ Snacks

Via Mario de Fiori 41, Roma, Italia
Phone:+39 06 69797778

* they own a coffee shop right around the corner that was great!  I can't remember the name

Don't forget to grab Snacks at EATALY before hopping on the train.
It's Mario Batali Largest Eataly in the world!
great squash blossom pizza

Firenze, Italia

Make sure to see David at the National Gallery

Il Latini-bolognese for lunch or dinner.  Ask for Il  Latini wine-not the chianti on the table.

Via dei Palchetti, 6R, 50123 Firenze, Italia
Phone:+39 055 210916

La Giostra-get ready! fur on the chairs!  At first, i thought i had brought my family to the wrong restaurant!  great squash blossom ravioli & tiramisu
Borgo Pinti, 12, Firenze, Italia
Phone:+39 055 241341

Edoardo 11 Gelato Biologico -Organic Gelato
  • Piazza del Duomo 45R
    50122 Firenze, Italia
  • phone: +39 055 281055 

Doner Kebab Welkome- great gyros!

Via Sant'Agostino 15R

  • 50125 Florence
    Italia Palazzo Pitti
My dad found a good bakery and i can't remember it's name-it's right across from the Gyro spot 

Venezia, Italia

we had a great lunch by the grand canal after our gondola ride but sadly, I can't remember it's name...
And we found a great coffee shop and bakery but again i can't remember
we did get great masks!
Bottega del Caffè Dersut-great coffee & pastries
  • Campo dei Frari 3014

    San polo
    30125 Venezia Italia
    Phone: +39 041 3032159

    Make sure to visit the Rialto Bridge and all the shops as well as a gondola ride.  

    We saw the hotel where Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp filmed, The Tourist.   Lastly, don't forget to kiss under the Rialto Bridge, it's good luck!  it's so fun to snap photos in Venice-it's just goregous.

  • Phone numb
Make sure to get some good italian leather gloves!

Piazza San Marco -to eat and great for chasing pigeons!  The entire trip, Caymus loved chasing pigeons.

It was carnival so everyone was in costume! so fun
***Train: transportation in between cities 

We liked the italo-it's the new privately owned train service
we took the overnight train…wouldn't recommend that .

Lastly, Paris France (oh how I miss you!)

Colette- great shopping a must!
47 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris, France
Phone:+33 1 42 78 19 24
1st arrondissement
*there is a cafe across from Colette that is good to have a drink and people watch- i can't remember the name.

Hotel Costes-LOVE THIS PLACE! great place to see and be seen! music, cocktails & the sexiest people.

  • 239-241 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
    Phone:+33 1 42 44 50 00
    1st arrondissement

  • Higuma-great Japanese! Gyoza, Bowl of Kimchi Ramen 
    32 Bis Rue Saint-Anne
    75001 Paris
    Phone: 01 47 03 38 59
    1st arrondissement

    Telescope-Great Coffee, like Catalina 
    5 Rue Villedo 75001Paris France
    Phone: 48.866123, 2.336429
    1st arrondissement

    Frenchies-fabulous dinner-need reservations, it's tiny
    5-6 Rue du Nil, 75002 Paris, France
    +33 1 40 39 96 19
    2nd arrondissement

    be sure to check out all the cute stores around frenchies-great neighborhood feel.  i had some amazing
    cheese and wine from a little market
    be the first in line at 6pm before doors open for the bar across the street.

    Bonton- great kid's clothing store
    5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris 
    3rd arrondissement
    *they have a great photo booth!

    Chez Manon -best croissants & baguettes
    25 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France
    Phone:+33 1 42 72 36 80
    3rd arrondissement

    Grazie-lunch or dinner great italian.  Pizza
    91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France
    Phone:+33 1 42 78 11 96
    3rd arrondissement

    Isabel Marant Boutique-great Parisian Designer
    47 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris, France
    Phone:+33 1 42 78 19 24
    3rd arrondissement

    Merci & La Cantine de Merci - great shopping and light lunch...while waiting for a table, Jessica Alba stood in front of us.
    11 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
    Phone: +33 (0)1 42 77 79 28
    3rd arrondissement

    Rose Bakery-Originally, we found this gem in london-it has fantastic breakfast & lunch items.  you must have their soft boiled eggs yogurt, salad, quiche, muffins, and any baked good they have that day.
    30 rue Debelleyme
    75003 Paris
    Phone:+ 33 1 49 96 54 01
    3rd arrondissement

    • Caymus tried Hot Chocolate everywhere we went!

      I took Caymus Ice Skating in front of Hotel de Ville and we rode the carousel.
      Place de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France 
      Phone+33 1 42 76 40 40 4th arrondissement

    Bon Marche-great department store
    24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France
    Phone: +33 1 44 39 80 00
    6th arrondissement

    Brasserie Lipp- dover sol, frisee salad, profiteroles -had a super sweet waiter that wants to work at Brasserie 19! has already sent us an email.
    • 151 bd St Germain
      75006 Paris
      France Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 6ème
    • +33 1 45 48 53 91
    • 6th arrondissement

    Cafe de Flore- rumor has it, Carl Lagerfeld goes every Saturday for dinner -have a campari or coffee
    172 Bid Saint-Germain, Paris, France
    6th arrondissement

    Chocolates-we always seem to find new spots! last year it was  Pierre Herme and this year it was
    Patrick Roger.  we could walk out of our apartment to this shop! naughty
    108 bd St Germain
    75006 Paris
    Phone:+33 1 43 29 38 42
    6th  arrondissement

    • Yes, that monkey is made out of chocolate!

      Make sure to visit the City-pharma for great French skincare and pharmacy goods for way less.  
      • 26 rue du Four
        75006 Paris
        Phone: +33 1 46 33 20 81
        6th arrondissement
        We love: i use Biafine Act for cuts & burns, Homeoplasmine for skin irriations , embryolisse for moisturizer and to remove zits, furtherer dry shampoo, i use avibon for my night cream (it's like vaseline) , klorane makeup remover wipes, homeopathic meds, phytopharma apricoderm for the best lip balm-it's thick, i wear it at night, bioderma crealine h20 micelle solution for makeup remover, eau thermal avenue cold cream for body lotion, phyto for frizz control, shampoo & conditioner and we tried picking up 

      21 rue Bonaparte
      75006 Paris
      France Saint-Germain-Des-Prés
      6th arrondissement 

      Lazare Brasserie-great for cheese and drinks mid day or for dinner, you will need reservations for dinner

    Parvis de la Gare Saint-Lazare | Rue Interieure75008 ParisFrance
    Phone: +0144908080
    8th arrondissement

    Great Shopping & parks for kids to run in Marais-great boutiques, markets & Rue Saint-Honore!

    We ran into every ZARA we saw in both Italy & France!  They just have so much more than we do! 
    We scored on some great pieces. 

    Louvre-get headphones and a make it a day!

    We really loved the Musée de l'Orangerie 
    Jardin Tuileries, 75001 Paris, France
    Phone: +33 1 44 50 43 00

  • Belgium waffles & Crepes outside Notre Dame

    We took the metro everywhere! figure it out!  it's not hard.

    Our United Flight attendants were so NICE!  They brought Caymus an ice cream sundae and walked Camilla around the plane.  

    Caymus got to see SNOW for the first time during our layover in Chicago! 

    ////////////////This trip, I left a little of myself in Italy & France and took a little of them with me! 

    Happy travels!


    bon voyage,