Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet BohoJC

i live in a World
of Fantasy, so
Keep Your Reality
Away from me.
i see what i
want, i want what 
i see and that is 
all okay by me.

To me Life is Lights, Camera, Action.  
I am a Design Junkie- We subscribe to probably 20 Different Design Magazines from all over the world.
My Mom made we wait until I was 13 to pierce my ears.  I couldn't wear Black either.
Would love to be living in Venice Beach, CA: The best boho easy living.
Love contributing to Take a Penny, Leave a Penny at the Gas Station.
I love Delicate simple things with a purpose.
I will bake French Macarons, 2 Chiffon Cakes, Homemade Gnocchi all in a night-just to see if I can.  It's a challenge.  
I met my husband while working at my Flower Shop.
I drink wine and good cocktails. 
I have two babies- a golden Dragon and a golden Pig 
We named our Son, Caymus, after the wine and Gjelina Bond Aiko Law after the Restaurant on Abbot Kinny, Wine, my Beautiful Japanese Grandmother, and Law is Caymus' middle name.
My Boyfriend is my best friend.
I am A Capricorn. 
I love Wigs & Hats.
Our Jack Russell, Flash or Flashy(Caymus named him after the Superhero), is cousin to bohoSarah's dog, Bonnie.
I grew up eating Crawfish and Snow Cones with My Daddy.
I buy everything Online...even my toothpaste.
My Boyfriend's imagination is the most Beautiful thing I know.
We love Dreaming up concepts(We are the Cooper in Clark Cooper Concepts), Eating, Staying at Boutique, Design Driven Hotels, and Hunting for Treasures at Flea Markets or Antique Shows.
I am ready to make anything Bigger, more Stunning and to set a Mood.
Believe it's give and take with Mother Earth.
I call my Sister, "Sister."
Love to Help others.
I inspire to be a DJ-Our new house has a DJ booth being built in it.  
I used to say things in the same manner Larry David does, by letting it roll off my Tongue... Now, not so much.
Love to Entertain!
Always thinking about my next meal.  I am a lover of food... not a foodie.
I thrive around Positive, Healthy, Honesty, Confident and Creative People. 
Don't understand Red wine and Sushi.
I smell either like a goat or Santal 33.
And finally, Namaste or like I like to say "Not This Day!' 

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Love, bohoJC


  1. Not this day!!! lolololol!!! omg i remember when you first said that to me, i've said it ever since!! love u!