Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm stalking today......

But not very successfully, because my annoying sisters are not posting enough pics of their NYC trip for me to even stalk!!!  Yes I'm yelling! Granted, I am refreshing their Instagram and Facebook accounts kinda non-stop, but still, it's no excuse! When you leave a man behind you give updates, especially when that said man is your sister!  What are y'all even doing?? I wanna know!! #feelingleftout. 
I'm also on a super hashtag kick after seeing the Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon video. #hilarious #mustwatch #rotfl #cantstop #wontstop Thank you Hannah and Melisa for sharing this with me. #iloveyall #cousin #bestfriend #bffs #girlsrule 
So anyways, back to my stalking. #wentoffonatangent
 In case you were wondering what the other 2 bohoSissy's are up to, here are the pics I have managed to find, and if either of you are reading this, post. more. NOW

Love, your bohoMiddleSis   
#callme #MiddleChildSyndromeInFullEffectToday #nofair #lifeisntfair #iwannabeinNYC #dramaqueensowhat

 Big deal, not like you won it.
 Really? Bennett and Kaleena are there too??
 AND Dacia?? 
 And Christian???
AND Michael Harris?! 
I hate you guys. 
It's not funny!
That food looks gross.
Terrible outfits.
 Museum of Modern Art #booooooooring!
 Grow up Grace.
 Furious is the only one that jumped out at me.
 I can do that.
 Picasso #bd
 Alright, this is kinda cool.
 not jealous, not jealous, not jealous.
 Fine! Rub it in. #selfies
You still have your name tag on. #nerd 
 Pfhhh, what are ya'll even looking at?
Ok. I chuckled.
Fine. Ya'll look really cute and cool. #istillloveyou #ifyoubuymeagift #comehome


bohoBabies 32/52

bohoBabies slip n' slide pool party!
*Clothes optional

Oldest to Youngest 
Caymus - our little gentleman delivering flowers to his madre.
Dax - still only wearing football jerseys.
Driscoe - coming up with the strangest outfits. 
Gjelina - our American Apparel Swim Suit Model.
Morris - the chillest & happiest kid we know.
Camilla - All we know right now is that she is not ready to meet us.

love, bohoBlack

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Rust Rules...some call it Patina

It's always fun to see what you might find in Roundtop, Texas and to see what the hottest thing is... last time it was old Bank Safes and Springs.  This time NAUTICAL was everywhere!  

Grant and I love every part of it!  The drive... we get so much thinking and planning done!  We come up with some of our best ideas on the drive back.  We love dreaming up where we might put something like these knockers, digging around for table bases, chairs, lighting, special pieces for new and old concepts to finding a bottle of Lonestar.  It's just so fun!  We have met some of the coolest and most creative people that we treasure.  Grant grew up being dragged to all kinds of European Flea Markets to seeing some of the best architecture, museums, restaurants, and auctions.  (He grew up in Bruxelles and Holland)  I on the other hand tagged along with My Mom to markets all around Texas ( Old Towne Spring & Canton, Texas)  -It was in me to go to these kinds of wacky markets,  I just hadn't found my partner to discover with.  Grant always tells me about how his parents would search for Louise XV style chairs and how he always thought as a child he would discover a treasure somewhere beneath all the random trinkets!  

-We laugh because we wonder if our kids will do the same?  

We got to go early this year and preview-so fun!

Before I met our Designer, Julie Mcgarr, I had no idea the importance of Rust or Patina.... oh how I have learned!  It takes years to get those worn in gorgeous colors!  She loves to dig just as much as us.

We collect for our future concepts, our home and for shit we hope to use one day!  
Roundtop & Marburger are so dear to us, Texans, like the Rose Bowl Flea Market is to Californians!  

So.. go and check it out!  Say hello to Hans! and you never know who you might run into?  last time we saw Miranda Lambert buying doors and Matthew Mcconaughey & his wife, Camila, looking around!
Make sure to wear of a cross body purse & your Rain boots.