Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Burlesque. Babes. Prohibition.

It’s been far too long since I’ve paid homage to the beautiful bombshells of The Moonlight Dolls. We’ve been grinding it out (literally and figuratively) over the last couple of months and together our efforts have produced a fresh lineup for our Friday night show ‘Provocateur’. Provocateur can be described as a modern-day twist on the classic art form of burlesque. We call this ‘neo-burlesque’. It’s artistic, fetish-y, dark, and incredibly sexy.  Here are some ground rules:


·        Dress nicely. This isn’t a fucking grogshop.
·        Drink. If you don’t drink, act like you do. We love drunks and excited teetotalers.
·        Hoot and holler.
·        Stop by Erotic Cabaret after the show because you will be in one helluva mood for…

·        Bring your Grandma… unless she’s into that sort of thing.
·        Be a snob.
·        Get TOO drunk. You know that fine line between drunk and wasted? Flirt with it.
·        Touch, dry-hump, poke, or feed the girls.

Tickets can be purchased HERE. Enjoy the show!

Peace, love and legs,

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