Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moving to Big Sur

Lately as I sit in a sea of cars on Kirby Drive I day dream of moving to Big Sur.  This could be my view; there would be minimal traffic, minimal construction, kids run freely, no mosquitoes and I would practice yoga everyday on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  I haven't really dug into the nitty gritty details of a move like that, why ruin a good day dream with reality.  But someday it will happen, you heard it here. 

For sweet Jason's 40th birthday we spent 10 days in Cali, driving up highway 1 staying in LA, Big Sur and San Fran, with many stops along the way.  The 2 days in Big Sur were incredible and such a departure from the rest of our time spent in big wild cities.  I am dying to go back and to camp out, explore, hike and take a yoga class.  If you have a bucket list, trust me, put Big Sur on it.  The smell, the views, the undeniable feeling that it's God's masterpiece will keep you wanting to go back.  Or move there!  

Our hotel, Ventana Inn & Spa.
View from our room, it felt like staying in a tree house.
I love hammocks

Alanis Morisette's home...maybe.

Too close to the edge.  
We stopped so many times on the side of the road trying to take it all in.  
There are whales out there, you just cant see them. :)
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park beach and waterfall

Hi Jason
Hi God!
Anthony and Margaret, my grandparents.  They might have carved this.
Nepenthe Restaurant and Store

Restaurant at the Post Ranch Inn
The rooms at Post Ranch Inn
Post Ranch Inn
3 hour drive to San Fran

Night night Big Sur...I'll be back!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween '15, so many pretties so much to share!

Thank you Brasserie 19 for letting us host the hottest night of the year, the night we love the most, the night we look forward to all year long.  Thank you beautiful people that came to party, it was magic!