Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ACL What to Wear 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Learning to Take Care of Two (With a Lil' Help)

Last weekend Daron went on his annual bird hunt and left me and the boys to party with my Aunt Peggy. But before the party could start with Aunt Peggy I had to get through Friday night and the first party of Saturday alone. I only had slight anxiety about this.

I am proud to announce however, that I managed to have a stress free Friday evening watching the Best of Joan Rivers on Fashion Police (RIP Joan, ugh I loved her so much) while snuggling with both babies.
On Saturday we ate breakfast and lunch, got dressed, got them dressed, packed up lots of useless crap, loaded it in the car with the babies, and headed to Aunt Peggy's to swim all by noon! AND, to top it off, I only chugged a few beers upon our arrival! JK…..maybe ;)

We finally met up with Aunt Peggy and the party began! The four of us had so much fun swimming all day long. Donovan loved napping and chilling outdoors under their covered porch while Driscoe wore Aunt Peggy out with all of his demands around the pool. She taught Driscoe to pee in the grass, something he ended up doing every 30 seconds while we looked on in shock that he actually had that much pee in his bladder.

We finished Saturday evening at my house by ordering sushi from Qin Dynasty (if you haven't ordered their sushi, do it, it's always fresh), opening a bottle of wine, and actually having an adult conversation while BOTH babies slept! I was shocked. I obviously envisioned us having dinner and wine, but with plenty of interruptions from the kids…..never in a million years did I expect a quiet evening where we actually got to talk and catch up!? It was so great! A night with my Aunt that I will never forget!

Sunday morning we had donuts then headed back to Aunt Peggy's again to swim. It was another perfect day at the pool, except this time Driscoe had Uncle Joe and Aunt Mere to boss around, and did he ever. He must have pushed Uncle Joe in the pool 100x (see pics below).

We had such a fun weekend and I'm so glad Aunt Peggy volunteered to stay with me while Daron was gone. She and I both agreed we might need to send the boys on hunts more often.

Monday at lunch, after Driscoe took a bite of his corn dog he said, "Where's Aunt Peggy!?!" He didn't even ask about her pool….I think he loves his Great Aunt Peggy just as much as we do.

I love you Aunt Peggy, thanks for helping me out! I know all my siblings and cousins are jealous I got a weekend alone with you, and for that I'm thankful! baaaahahaha!

                                                                                                                                              She's the best.