Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lingerie Homework due Feb. 14th

Your bohoBlack girls had an opportunity to have a lingerie photo shoot with our good friends at La Mode Lingerie. We can have fun with toothpaste and a ball of yarn so to be running around the beautiful La Mode in some of the rarest, most sensual lingerie from all over the world was a dream come true.

Now what the hell did we learn from all of this? Lingerie is friggin' hot. Ding ding ding! Get on it, lingerie homework for everyone! Just do it. You can thank me later.

Thanks Rachel and Jenn from LaMode, we had an amazing time in your beautiful store.

Now watch as our bad a$$ photographer Brooke brings it all to life again...

...or Punch Me.

Starting off with a spill. Typical.

'Sis, your head is too big. It won't fit.'
 'You're a bitch.'

'I love you.'

We goofed off and pretended to be mannequins...

Then Sarah burst into laughter...

Now add your own caption.

The Smalley sisters!! Jacy & Kady.

Knowing these girls they were probably singing The Judds' songs in this photograph, which is just one reason I love them.

 Your bohoBlack ladies: Kady, Grace, Jacy, Sarah, Julie (bottom right, breast-cupper)

Julie is giving her 'look'. Just so you know, that's the one. Someone probably ate her Lucas salt.

And the ever so lovely, black-veiled miss Jenn. What a gem! If I had a lingerie store, she would be my first-round draft pick for manager.

The one and only La Mode Lingerie.

2013 West Gray St.

Houston, TX 77019

~love, Grace

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