Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Year Ago Today......

Today Driscoe is 15 months old.  I was thinking about it yesterday and realized that exactly a year ago today I returned to work from my maternity leave.  I remember feeling so anxious to get back into the swing of things at work, and yet so sick to my stomach about leaving my angel behind with our new nanny whom I hardly knew.

Does a mother ever feel 100% sure that she is making the right decision when it comes to staying home or going back to work?  I doubt it, but it's normal for moms to worry like this. It's normal to question your every motherly move, wondering if the decisions you are making are going to royally screw up your child, right?  Should I breast feed?  Should I use a pacifier?  Does he need to start sleeping in his own room?  Should he be sleeping through the night?  Will this bottle at 3am officially make him a night feeder?  How do I stop giving him bottles?  Are his teeth going to rot out if I don't?  Why isn't he walking yet?  Should I be teaching him abc's?  Can he eat that?  Can he take that?  Should I call the doctor?  Lawd!  It's never ending, and BabyCenter.com and all the other, your-15-month-old-should-be-doing-this-right-now-or-else websites, don't help!

So I'm sure like every other mom out there, I too worried that I would be destroying Driscoe by going back to work, but I don't worry about that anymore.  I know he is getting plenty of lovin' and attention at home.  One year ago today we had the sweetest, most loving lady enter our lives.  I don't know what we would do without Maria.  She has taught Driscoe things I never knew a tot had the capacity to learn.  When he see's her he lights up and she does the same.  She cares for him so much, I've even heard her voice some of the same silly worries that I have, which I find comforting.  I know she was put in my life by God to reassure me that I am right where I need to be.  Happy one year anniversary, Maria!  We love you!

 One year ago today, was a good day.

She loves taking care of my nephews too. 

Love, bohoJB

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