Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Horoscopes....if that's your thing.

This is another busy, hectic month. Make sure you get enough rest.  Health and energy will improve dramatically after the 22. In the meantime keep your focus on essential things and let lesser things go. This is a wonderful month for emotional healing. Those of you involved in psychological therapies will make important breakthroughs. Very good to digest the past and come to terms with it. This is not an especially strong career month, it is more about home, family and family values. Many of you have moved in the past year and if not it can still happen in the month ahead. Jupiter makes a very important move on the 17th. He moves from Cancer into Leo - from your 4th House to your 5th House. The year ahead is going to be more fun filled. You can use it - the past year has been busy. Overall health is also improving now. There is luck in speculations. Children or children figures in your life are prospering and enjoying success. Those of marriageable age will either marry or be involved in a serious love relationship in the coming year. Mars has been in Libra since the beginning of the year, on the 18th he moves into Scorpio your 8th House. This shows that you benefit from detox regimes and that your efforts at personal transformation will be successful. It is also a more sexually active period.

Your Financial Planet, Mercury, moves forward on the 2nd and this brings clarity to the financial life. Financial judgment is much better now than it was last month. Decisions will be better. Good marketing and PR - good use of the media - is ultra important in whatever business you’re involved with. Your hunches are sound from the 17th to the 20th. Jupiter makes an important move this month - from your 3rd House to your 4th House. He will be there for the rest of the year ahead. This shows moves or renovations in the home. Some of you might be acquiring additional homes. Women of childbearing age become more fertile than usual. There is good fortune in the purchase or sale of a home. You will have these opportunities for the rest of the year ahead - but especially from the 24th to the 27th. A parent or parent figure has a nice payday. The family as a whole is prospering. Career changes and crises ease up after the 22nd and there is more security in that department. This is a month for getting into emotional harmony and functioning from there. A good month for dealing with old traumas and hurts and cleansing them from the system. Good health begins with good emotional health. 

The planetary stress of the past few months is easing up now. Health has been good the past few months and is even better now. You’re still in a very prosperous period. By the end of the month most of your short term financial goals will be achieved. You will be able to move on to your first love - reading, studying and teaching. Many Geminis are involved in the communication and teaching professions. Jupiter’s move into the 3rd House on the 17th shows much success in these activities. This will go on for  the rest of the year. If you have expertise in a field now is the time to disseminate it. Also good to be involved in companies that deal with education and media. If you have manuscripts you’re in a good period to have them published. Love is also changing. Up to now wealth has been the romantic turn on. From the 17th onwards mental compatibility, an easy flow of communication, becomes more important. You want to fall in love with someone’s mind as much as with their body. Love is in the neighborhood these days - perhaps with neighbors. Love is also in educational settings - in school, at lectures or seminars.  Singles have a happy romantic opportunity from the 24th to the 27th. The New Moon of the 26th looks like a nice payday.

Another richly deserved happy and prosperous month. Many of the trends of last month are still in effect. You have more than usual personal power and independence. You can more or less have things your way this month. Other people are adapting to you. You should focus on creating personal happiness. Health and energy are still good - especially when compared to earlier in the year. The Health Planet makes a move into Leo on the 17th. Now good heart health is important. Worry and anxiety are the spiritual root causes for heart problems. Avoid it like the plague. There is luck in speculations as well. If you are an investor gold, utilities, entertainment and the health field are interesting investments. The love life is  good most of the month. The Sun in your sign until the 23rd improves the personal appearance. You shine. Venus will enter your House on the 18th. For women this adds beauty and grace, comfortable warmth, and loving feelings.  For men it shows beautiful women entering your sphere. You’re attracting the opposite sex. Existing relationships are more harmonious. Singles have happy romantic opportunities. Don’t allow financial disagreements (after the 23rd) to spoil the love harmony.

Last month on the 21st you entered one of the most spiritual periods of your year. And this continues until the 22nd. Your 12th House of spirituality is easily the most powerful in your chart. So, you can expect a hyper active dream life - vivid, revelatory dreams in full technicolor. The Sun will be in Cancer and your 12th house through July 21st.  During this time, you can benefit from taking time out to pamper yourself.  It’s an excellent time to renew your energy and prepare for the high-energy weeks following July 22nd when the Sun moves into your sign.   This is a month to spend more time in meditation, study of scripture and sacred literature and to be involved in charitable type activities. You’re more idealistic than usual. from the 13th onwards. Wealth is really an interior activity as many of you will learn this month. The outer things that happen are only side effects. Love is complicated this month - but the complications are short. Things should straighten out after the 22nd. And if not completely straightened out, a lot easier. Jupiter moves into your sign on the 17th, a very important move. This signals happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. You'll be traveling and enjoying the good life.

Important universal movements bring big improvements in your life. Health and energy get better day by day. Finances are much improved as Mars leaves your money house on the 18th. Debt or tax issues don’t seem so pressing now. Though your 10th House is not as strong as last month, you’re still succeeding in your career and you still have the financial favor of bosses, elders, parents and parent figures. On the 17th, Jupiter makes a once a year move from the 11th to the 12th House. From here on in - well into next year - you’re in a very strong spiritual period. And, this month - from the 22nd onwards - especially so. Watch the dream life from the 24th to the 27th - it is very significant. It is also a nice financial period. From here on in, don't be surprised by all kinds of synchonistic experiences - things that cannot be explained rationally. This is a period where you experience the “miraculous” rather than the natural. Spiritual growth and understanding is the key to handling family or emotional problems. A spiritual breakthrough is needed for these things and it will happen as the year progresses. Love, though complicated, is basically good this month. The 17th to the 20th looks especially good for singles. But don’t run to the altar just yet, your Love Planet is still retrograde.

Continue to watch the health. Review our discussion of last month. You deserve success, but you want your health as well. Make sure to get enough rest. Take a short nap if you feel tired. The good news is that much of the health stress will pass by the 22nd. On the 17th Jupiter moves from his stressful position. On the 18th, Mars moves out of your sign (he’s been there all year). On the 22nd, the Sun moves away from his stressful position. There’s still a few planets stressing you, but much fewer than before. You’ll feel an increase in your energy levels. Career is still successful this month. By the 22nd your important goals are attained and you can move on to other things - the social life. Jupiter’s move into your 11th House announces a happy and active social life for the rest of the year - and well into next year. Children and children figures of appropriate age find serious romance. Even younger children will have new friends. A new car and communication equipment is coming to you. It can happen this month - the 24th to the 27th is likely - but if not will likely happen in the next year. The spouse, partner or current love is supporting financial goals. A business partnership or joint venture can happen. Avoid rash financial decisions.

A happy and successful month ahead, Scorpio. Enjoy. The first good news is that much of the family stress that you’ve had all year is easing up. It not completely gone, but much, much, easier than it has been. Mars leaves his stressful aspect with your family planet on the 18th. Health and energy are wonderful until the 22nd. You have all the energy you need to achieve what you want to achieve. Things that seemed impossible when energy was low are now eminently possible. Like last month, its still a good period for foreign travel. College or post graduate students are succeeding in their studies. But the real headline this month is your career. Jupiter’s move across your Midheaven on the 17th shows career elevation and success. Often it shows promotions and pay raises. These can be with your present company or with another one. The 24 to the 27 is especially good for the career. It also shows a very nice pay day. There is luck in speculations that period too. You catch the lucky financial and career st. The good news is that you’re on the case. Health is an important focus from the 18th onwards. Love doesn’t seem a major priority this month. Singles will date and have opportunity, but the career seems more important.

Now that your Love Planet is moving forward the social judgment is clarified and much better than it was. Love awaits you in the usual places until the 13th - at parties and gatherings. You have opportunities for serious love or fun and games love - the choice is yours. (Perhaps you will do a little bit of both.) The month ahead is sexually active. Libido is especially strong on the New Moon of the 26th. Jupiter’s move into your 9th House on the 17th puts you into Sagittarius heaven. Sagittarians are always traveling, but now - my god! - you’re hardly at home! This is the trend for the month - from the 17th onwards - and for the year ahead. Jupiter has been in your 8th House for the past year. By now you have re-invented yourself, detoxed your mind and body, and are ready to spread your wings. Finances are more stressful after the 22nd, but Sagittarians somehow always find the wherewithal to travel. College students are successful in their studies. Those applying to college will hear good news (especially from the 24th to the 27th). Health and energy are excellent now. More importantly there is zest, enthusiasm and optimism now.

Your sparkling social life is still the main headline this month. It is still a good month for a
marriage if you’re involved in a serious relationship. For those still unattached, it is a great month to become attached. By the 22nd the love and social goals should have been attained and you’re ready to move on to other interests - personal transformation, personal reinvention, personal resurrection, the detoxing of the mind and body. This is not only a strong interest in the month ahead, but for the year ahead as well. The spouse, partner or current love begins to prosper greatly after the 22nd. The 24th to the 27th is a nice payday for him or her. The entire year ahead will be prosperous for him or her. Health needs more watching until the 22nd. As always, the main thing is to get enough rest. Harmony with the beloved and with friends is also important health wise. Discords here can impact on the physical well being and make you more vulnerable. After the 13th be sure to eat right and maintain good emotional health. Keep the moods positive and constructive. Health and energy will improve after the 22nd. Finances are improving day by day. You should see major improvements from the 17th onwards. The financial intuition is very strong.

Health and energy are not at their optimum right now, but many nice things are happening.  Make sure to get enough beauty sleep after the 22nd. Like last month (and the past year) job seekers have good fortune. If there have been pre-existing health conditions, you should hear good news about them. (But continue to get enough rest and make sure you’re eating right.) Finances are still very good, but will taper off a bit after the 22nd. On the 17th benevolent Jupiter enters your 7th House of love. Shortly after, on the 22nd, your Love Planet enters the 7th House. So love is in the air now. The social life is expanding and happy. Singles are meeting significant people and marriage (eventually) would not be a surprise. You’re in one of the best social periods of your life. Depending on your age, this could be the best social period you’ve ever experienced. Someone you thought of as “just a friend”, is likely to become more than that. Friends enjoy playing cupid. You always enjoy groups and group activities - you like them for their own sake.  But now these become the venue for romance. You are attracted to fun loving kinds of people.

Like last month this is a party month in a party year. You’re enjoying your life, but you seem about “partied out” by the 22nd and you’re ready to get more serious. After the party comes work. Productive service. This is the theme for the year ahead (and for after the 17th). Whether you’re employed or unemployed dream jobs await you. A dream job could happen within your present company or with another one. Your good work ethic impresses superiors. There is career success from the 24th to the 27th. If there have been health problems you start to hear good news about them. Many Pisces are involved in the health field. Your personal healing ability increases by leaps and bounds these days. Finances are improving too. On the 18th your Financial Planet leaves his stressful aspect with Uranus and there is more stability - more predictability - in the financial life. There is good financial opportunity in the online world and with groups and organizations from the 18 onwards. This is a good period to detox th the financial life. Get rid of possessions that you don’t need or use. Sell them or give them to charity. Get rid of financial redundancies and waste. Prosper by cutting back on inessentials. (No need to cut back on things you genuinely need.) Health and energy are good.

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