Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sisters, Love and Growing Up

April 2009 Grace, Bonnie and I moved into the sweetest lil house on Brun street.  She had recently moved back from a year stay in Paris and I was moving out of the quirkiest apartment in Houston.  I remember that move like it was yesterday, it turned into a huge party with tons of family and friends getting drunk on the patio of our new pad....and not lifting a finger helping with the move.

We had so many great times in that 992 sq ft, 2 bed/1 bath house.  Every night was girls night.  The only boys allowed were related to us.  Bonnie was the perfect 3rd wheel and lived on the patio.   

Since the Brun street house we lived in 2 other places together.  I loved living with Grace, she is clean and laid back, a minimalist and always let me use half of her closet.  She wakes up happy and ready to tackle the day and that energy is totally contagious.  When I met Jason, fell in love and “moved-in” with him, I kept all of my things in my house with Grace. 

Today I was dropping off keys at the house I own that Grace and my belongings have been living in.  Jason and I are renting it out, and where I am excited for this new adventure and the extra $, it has been very bittersweet.  As I was walking through the empty house one last time, I looked in a cupboard and found this Polaroid of the day we moved into Brun.  The beginning of such a fun time in my life, living with the silliest, sweetest roommate.  And although this lil chapter is ending, it makes me giggle to think of my new “roommates”.  They are SUPER high maintenance, every night is boys night, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to share a home with them.  


I love you bohoG!!!!  Best lil roomie ever!  


  1. I love Keather's toy!! LOL! Those were amazing times and it's only going to get better...!!!!!! GIDDYUP!!!!

  2. I love this post so much and all those pics!! that girls night Christmas party was one of the best! I miss that lil brun house, and I will miss my sissy living so close to me. the times, they are-a changin~

  3. Grace is one of my favorite ppl on the planet. She is such a joy to be around. You know how some people drain your energy and some people GIVE you energy? Well, Grace GIVES. I'm jealous that she's not MY sister! hehe. Love this blog, ladies...keep it up.

    1. Thank you Cathy, I love you girl!!!! We need to do a bohoBlack report on you and your acting!!! I still want tickets to your first premiere!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Marky if I can be your plus one...just for a night! ;-)