Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chris Johnson // 1st Annual 5K Run // Keepin' It Renal

I'd love to take this time to honor our great friend Chris Johnson. Today we did the 1st Annual 5K Run for RMC. It was Chris' will to raise awareness for RMC (renal medullary carcinoma) and that's just what his family did today. The Johnson family is such an inspiration to us. Chris' spirit certainly lives on. He was a wild man. Just wild. Fun as hell and always laughing. Today we remembered him and carried on his legacy. 

Thanks Chris, love ya. Continue to watch over us (I know that's a tall order!) and save a place for us in heaven please. We'll all be there soon enough! 

I'll leave y'all with my Saturday selfie with Bernice and my new zit. Just drank two coffees, ran the 5K and ate chili cheese tater tots from Sonic. You can guess what's coming next. Chris, I hope you like that, you know us Salinas girls keep it classy. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The happiest sigh of relief

One of the longest greatest mornings ever.  We had our long awaited neurologist appointment at Texas Children's this morning and our sweet doctor said "I think your son is very healthy."  YUP!  The most magical words to hear from a NEUROLOGIST!!!

No Genetic Testing

They did some blood work today (he is so strong it took 4 of us to hold him down…he cried, as did Jason and I) and we just got a call from the doctor that the results came back completely normal.  When I asked what could be causing his low tone she said she wouldn't consider him low tone, his ankles are a bit wobbly but they will get stronger as he continues walking.   I told her I thought he walked pretty unsteady…she said, “um he has only been walking for 23 days, I think you need to be easy on him.”   Darn worrying makes you kind of crazy I suppose....I felt like a Tiger Mom.

She said to continue his therapy because it has helped him so much, but that’s it!  He is good to go!   He is perfect (he always has been)!  Just slow to walk.  And I know all of this happened for a reason, God has a reason for all of it.  But gosh I’m glad it’s over and we can go back to worrying about normal stuff, like why does he keep biting me?  And I am SOOOO appreciative of everyone who commented on my previous post about Mo.  I cannot tell you how much it helped me to get it all out there and then get sweet words of encouragement.

Much love to all!

MO IS FINE MO IS FINE MO IS FINE!!  I just wanna scream it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

05.28.2014//Grace's Golden Birthday

Today is a very special day, because 28 years ago today our baby sister was born!
Her adoption birth, was a accident  life changing event for all of us, she made our family complete. To put it bluntly, the Salinas family would suck without Grace. 
Grace, even if we told you over and over that you were adopted by the Henderson's, (they say Happy Birthday btw), and that mom was trying everything to avoid having another child, you must know that you are everyone's favorite.....especially Dad's. Don't worry, we have all come to terms with it. 

Sarah and I decided it would be fun to ask some of our family members just why you are such a special, super cool person and this is what they had to say: 

Amy DeBakey - She lives up to her name, and then some.  
Big Mar- I love her free spirit!  So very proud of her.
Rebecca - Grace is a true free spirit who exudes both joy and love.
Jason - Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom
Daron - I love her quick wit, hilarious personality, her ability to not sweat the small stuff and her ability to make everyone she meets feel loved.
Jimbob - Gracie is what her name says and that's seemingly effortless beauty and charm of movement form and proportion given to us as blessing by the favor of God! Love you Gracie!!!
Meredith -  Aside from being one of the funniest, smartest and sweetest people I know… I think one of my favorite things about Grace is the fact that she isn't afraid to chase her dreams and to take the path less traveled.. Her fearlessness is inspirational. 
Julia - I love Grace's big ol heart....there is enough room in there for the world. If you give her one reason to like you, she'll find a million reasons to love you. She is just like that, finds the great in everyone. 
Joe - "I slept on it and decided Grace cannot be summed up in one sentence, and that should say it all!" 
Aunt PeggyFull of life, true to herself, trustworthy, beautiful and funny!
Sarah - Grace inspires me every single day.  There truly is no one else like her in the world, and that's too bad....but makes me feel really lucky to call her my baby sis. 

Happy birthday Beverly! We hope today that you feel all the love you always give, and get ready because the baby boys are so excited about Aunt Grace's birthday! Hope you need some help blowing out those candles! 

To the best Aunt, Godmother, lil sis, best friend, daughter, cousin, niece, dancer, business woman, free-spirit, we know!! 

Love you forever,
Your sisters,
Julia & Sarah


i can't get enough of this SUPER yummy peppermint flavored water… when you need a little refresher give it a try.  i found it at whole foods, but you can also find it here.

relieves gastric discomforts
aids in digestion
mouth freshener

for a healthy mojito, try this!
  • Metromint Mojito: Dissolve 1 tablespoon of sugar and the juice of 1 lime in a tall glass. Add 1-1/2 ounces of white rum and 1/2 cup of Metromint. Pour over ice.
stay thirsty my friends,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Premium Goods Kids + bohoBabies

When the bohoBabies go shoe shopping, they go to Premium Goods Kids.  We took a group trip last week to take some pics and grab some kicks to go with their new bohoBlack t-shirts.  As always it was fun...and hectic!

Dax was quarantined because we thought he had pink eye, turns out it was just allergies. Sorry Dax.  Driscoe was being a complete Diva, falling to the ground in a tantrum because he didn't want to share his cookies with Gjelina, and after 2 minutes he was over being a model.  Fortunately there were no Naomi Campbell style altercations, phone throwing, etc.  Mo on the other hand loved his opportunity to show off his new walking skills for the camera.  He was all smiles and a complete natural, clearly taking after his teen model daddy.  Gjelina, also a natural, had a costume change and refused to remove those pink sparkly Vans from her feet; needless to say she got to take them home.  Caymus was sweet and helpful, the perfect role model for these bohoBabies who love him so much.  He immediately scooped up Camilla from bohoKady, making us all a bit nervous as he was completely comfortable carrying her around the store like his little doll, all the while Gjelina was DYING to hold her real life baby.  And the real life baby Camilla was sweet as candy...I don't think I've ever heard her cry?  She is perfect.

Thankfully there were toys, games, and the nicest people helping out and did we mention shoes? SO many fun shoes!  There is no other place in Houston that has the variety and selection as this cute little Rice Village boutique.  From Jordan's & kid’s Air Max in the brightest colors to checkered Vans in lime green or sparkly pink. Plus the best kid-friendly Velcro Pumas and Adidas in a mix of different colors and fabrics.  We always end up standing at the counter with three pairs of shoes trying to narrow it down to just one.  It's my sweet hubby Jason's favorite place to go grab something fun for our kids and nephew Driscoe, and next door at Premium Goods (the adult shoe store) is his go-to for buddies birthday presents. So if you are looking for a fun gift or some new kicks for your tot, stop by, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Premium Goods
2416 Times Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005


*pics by Brooke Schwab

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goldfish My Way


Recently, I ordered Caymus' classmates these awesome personalized Goldfish Snacks for his birthday favors!  I even got to select the color of goldfish! So fun!!! --he loved them.  Check out Goldfish.

The only problem was i didn't received them until after his party!  Ugh!  Luckily, i did get to hand them out to most of his friends the following week at school…They are still really cute and you should remember them for your next big event!  Just make sure to give yourself ample time!  (By the way, I did place my order 6 weeks in advance!) 

Some SNAPS from the Big Day!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Houston Saturday Night // The Moonlight Dolls

Need something awesomely cool, unique, sexy, fun, feminine, empowering, amazing, lovely, beautiful, entertaining, provocative, fascinating, classic, enchanting, enthralling, inspiring and absolutely splendid to do on your Saturday nights?

I got some thing for ya... 

Oh stop it... No, it's not me.

I'll give you a hint...

Three words (Well 2.5, one is hyphenated.) ... Four syllables ....

Lots of music...

Beautiful ladies...

(Oh now you perked up! Ya big drunk.)

You're getting close...

Pop-Up Burlesque!

Although the new Prohibition is still under construction, we have not slowed down. The Dolls have been killing it in this tiny underground production. And the costumes... oh the costumes! The Dolls' costumer aka The Wardrobe Mistress deserves a blog post of her own. That will be next week! Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, here are some photos of The Moonlight Dolls performances at Pop-Up Burlesque. 


Hostess with the Mostess: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang & Camille La Vie

Abby Cadabra

Camille La Vie

Miss Kaleena Sue

Ruby Roquette

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang 


Ruby! You little devil!

Miss Kaleena Sue! Ooh la la! 

Everyone, Abby Cadabra! *applause*

 In Bad Bitches We Trust,
bohoBlack Grace 

For tickets email info@themoonlightdolls.com or visit www.popupburlesque.eventbrite.com

William T. Hardin Photography

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One More Day Until Girl's Grand Cayman TRIP!!!

We are Counting Down the hours until we board the PLANE to the Grand Cayman Islands!  Please send any cool spots, markets or restaurants… It's all of our first Time visiting.  Woohoo!!!  Here is what I was thinking for my Day Beach outfit...

Girl's Beach Trip

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nirvana at Chateau DeVon

In honor of Mother's Week, I thought I would write about this pretty awesome Mom that I know, my sister Sarah (Julie, you're awesome too.).

For one whole week (a whole week, y'all!) my sister Sarah and I have been doing sunrise yoga sessions. I wake up, brush my grill, then drive the five minutes to her casa and we get down on it- the mat, that is. She leads the class and I follow. She is definitely the yogi of the family, but luckily dance has made me flexible enough to fake some of the yoga poses. She always calls me out, 'Hips should be square!' Bitch. My poses look way more impressive when I'm cheating, but I guess deceiving and mediating are not synonymous, so I tell my ego to f*ck off and oblige.

Then, enter the rug rats. Sometimes Dax is very sweet, other times he beats me in the head with whatever toy he's obsessing over. Today he was being super quiet in the other room and so Sarah told me to hold my pose while she checked on him. Just as she suspected, he was filling up his water gun with toilet water. She corrected him, emptied the gun, then came back and we began again. Three minutes later, Dax walked in and sprayed what was left in his gun (which was a lot) in my face. Then he did it to Sarah. She reprimanded. He whined. We tried not to laugh. Then we kept going. Her patience is outstanding. Anyone can do yoga in a quiet room with fresh water, candles and peaceful music, but this style of yoga, this takes incredible concentration! If you can find peace while toilet water is being sprayed in your eyeballs, random toys are talking to themselves, and little people are crawling on you like monkeys, all while holding an awkward yoga pose, then I think you've discovered nirvana. Sarah Salinas DeVon is indeed the peace queen and I'm right next to her sweating and struggling, fighting for a page out of her playbook. I love her. What a woman. Happy Mother's Day, sis. To many more crazy, sunrise yoga sessions! NAMASTE!

Sarah: 'So just grab your leg like this...'
 '..and then do this.'
 Me: Ummm... #fail
 This bitch...
Peace warrior.

Here are some quotes Sarah sent me over the years (and some that I pulled off of her Pinterest!) that have given me inspiration and helped me through hard times...  She is always looking out for her baby sis!

Then last week, when I was about to sink into the black abyss of an ex-boyfriend who is NOT awesome and NOT handsome, Sarah lovingly reminded me that I need to step up my game and start dating guys on my level. I realized she was right and cringed a little bit as I thought of my roster. She noticed and quietly said to me,

"Remember, it's never too late to get a hot ex-boyfriend."

Now das profound.

In Peace, Yoga & Sisters (just ask Beyonce) We Trust,