Friday, February 27, 2015

bohoBabies week VI

Gjelina....the coolest girl at the playground.
Nothin' but net for Famous Caymus
1 year old and already shopping in NYC, watch out SJP
Our little Future Farmer of America #FFA
Dax was the coolest kid at his school's Rodeo day because his Grandma came, and she is a real Cowgirl, she used to barrel race!
Someone spotted Daddy at the Rodeo Parade.
Our Nirvana Baby.

love, bohoBlack

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2 drunk girls: Whole Foods

Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. 
crispy pepperonis are my favorite
Get the cheese plates!
best prepackaged sushi in town 
fed & happy
tipsy shopping afterwards was not as serious as it looks
oh and parking is a breeze, although we opted not to drive ;)
Waiting on our favorite Party Cab, Lebari :)
2 drunk girls are back, this is easily our FAVORITE post to research and we are open to 3, 4, 10 drunk girls....so if you are interested in helping us investigate this very important subject, let the sisters know.  We chose Whole Foods on Post Oak for this outing, very fancy I know but let me tell you, for 2 working mom's bellying up to a grocery store bar is about as good as it gets.  You can pick out your own wine or beer and they will cork it, pour it and feed you all inside their cozy store pub!  Its value, our $24 bottle of wine is easily 3 times that much at any restaurant, the yummy cheese plate was $12 and then we got to grocery shop afterwards!  Milk, mac 'n cheese and fruit for the babies, its multi-tasking at it's finest. 

Until the next tipsy time,

Whole Foods
1700 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77056

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Around Town: Manready Mercantile

I have been wanting to check this place out for a while, I brought Jason and Dax with me and they both had meltdowns when it was time to leave.  It's cool, just flat out cool. 

Everything they sell is made in the USA and crafted to last for generations.  As the name states, it's pretty much a men's store, but as a girl who loves to wear men's watches and cologne there are a million things in here I really really want!  From candles to bracelets, to antique pistols (Dax's pick) and the softest leather bags ever, if you are local, you should check it out.  If not, the website will have to do and below are some of my favorites.

Manready Mercantile: 321 West 19th Street Suite B Houston, TX 77008 

Wax Dipped Whiskey Glasses
Scout Backpack
Slope Waffle Beenie
Cedar + Sage Soy Candle

Work Hard, Live Well Canteen
Whiskey Blooded Tee

Friday, February 20, 2015

bohoBabies Week V

Dax: "Did you know the hulk don't wear no shoes?"
Morris: Daddy is his favorite word.
Driscoe: Cookie cake for breakfast lunch and dinner please!
Donovan: Just looking to snuggle with his brother, or anyone really. 
Caymus: On a date night with Mommy + Daddy.
Gjelina: Always wearing her big brother's shoes, she wants to be just like him. 
Camilla: Sweet little super star!

Drum roll please............
bohoGrace's newest addition will be here early September!!!! WE CAN'T WAIT!  Sex: TBD, but her Auntie's are thinking PINK! 

One more thing! Go check us out on The LOCAL Houston Magazine Blog! Click here.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dreaming Big and Wild

Dallas Clayton is an author who writes and illustrates kids books with big themes like dreams, love and hope.  I found him on instagram and immediately ordered his first book, An Awesome Book!  It truly is awesome, and something my babies and I treasure.  It has also impacted Dax and the way he describes his dreams, starting a few months ago he would come out of his room after bed time saying "I had a bad dream" and when I asked what the dream was about he would say "I don't know".  This book has changed that, he still comes and finds me after he is supposed to be asleep but now it's "Mommy!! I had a dream about spider-man with dragons and they were pooping!!" (everything is butts or poop)  It's the coolest shift, the most hilarious insight into his wild imagination. I'm so grateful for this book and you can check it out in the link below as he has shared it online for the whole world to read!  

His instagram feed inspires me every single day, I have shared some of my favorites about love and happiness, gratefulness and dreams:   

The book here: http://www.veryawesomeworld.com/

His blog: http://blog.dallasclayton.com/

His Instagram: http://instagram.com/dallasclayton

A quick video about Dallas:

Happy Dreaming,