Tuesday, February 5, 2013

bohoBio: g$

Name: Emily 'Grace' Salinas
DOB: 5/28/1986
Height: 5'sexy
Weight: 1 thousand pounds of bad ass
Sign: Gemini aka multiple personality disorder
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother. Runt status. 
Hometown: Freeport, TX aka FPT aka Tha Wata' 

  • I live on a prayer. 
  • I love my family. We are loud, we are intense, we are overwhelming, we are one.
  • My innate passion is dancing. Age 3.
  • I'm an ex-party girl but I still know how to get down.
  • I lived in Paris for a year as an au pair and learned more there than in all my six years of college.
  • If you could rate wakeboarders and snowboarders on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the Trevor Bashirs and Shaun Whites of the world, I would be a very excited and enthusiastic 3! I've more faceplants than I have landings but it's all been done with a smile and at one time, a slight concussion. 
  • I have a loaded 12-gauge under my bed but still get scared at bedtime and drive to my mom's house to sleep.
  • I once thought I got raped by an incubus but it was only sleep paralysis.
  • I love to travel ANYWHERE!!! If there is a place where I can learn something new then I'm in!
  • Love exercising. I flex for myself in the mirror when I'm feeling yoked up. 
  • I love girl time. I have many, many, many great friends. All from different times and places yet all are equally special to me.
  • I have the rose of Sharon tattooed on my arm. Solomon 2:1
  • I love hanging out with my brother and his wild friends bc I truly enjoy shotgunning beers and barking at females.
  • I'm single. Waiting on Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now...whoever shows up first.
  • I still get self-conscious in front of large crowds and so I pretend it's just my Dad and I hanging out. You could say that's my happy place.
  • I love reading 16th century drama and I will probably have my wedding at the Renaissance Festival. 
  • I'm highstrung. A perfectionist. I want things bigger, better and to be constantly improving. Sometimes it makes me neurotic. I drive myself crazy. Thank goodness my friends and family are there to help me check myself.
  • I want to share my weird experiences with people so they can laugh, get inspired and never feel like they're alone in this crazy, mixed-up world. 
  • I love lamp.

One Love, ~bohoG



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