Thursday, February 14, 2013

Struck by Cupids Arrow.....

Well I can't believe it, but play-dates might be my favorite thing to do these days. For my sister and I they have become our new version of happy hour. Usually, an instant message is exchanged in the morning, something along the lines of: "Hey come over after work, bring wine." It's so great because our kids plays so well together and we get to relax and watch! When our friends join it's even better.  All of the toys keep the kids happy for at least an hour which is just enough time for the Moms to be entertained by a tall glass of vino.

Yesterday we had a Valentine's play date for our little cupids and it was just as I imagined.....Us moms chasing down the wild animals, changing diapers at record speeds, pulling random objects out of our friend's kid's mouths, refilling each other's wine glasses and simply enjoying our new version of happy hour!
See the chaos below....
Driscoe, Bernice is trying to snatch that cupcake....
why you little shit....zuuuuuuu!
'ze plane, ze plane!'  Paz loves spotting the Moon and airplanes!
Dax is focusing on some explosives Paz's mom brought. Kidding. Not really. Don't worry, no one was injured.
Spotted: a little green sidewalk chalk thief......
BUSTED, Caroline Stegent!!!
Yes, she is wearing her boyfriends jacket and ruby red slippers
Carla (Paz's mom), brought some beautiful spray roses for Dax and Driscoe!

...and Valentine sippy cups!
Bernice was watching over the cupids and giving out kisses. She loves all of her Valentine's!
Crave Cupcakes sent Carla a make your own cupcake party pack for the kids....errr....moms to decorate....
Those are cups of frosting! yummmmm
They were so DELICIOUS!
Dax tried it but gave up and snatched some candy instead....
He ran off in the corner and watched us, happy as can be, and probably a little nervous that someone would realize he took a whole bag of those tiny twizzler things, hmmm no wonder he was so quiet.
Driscoe was too busy dunkin' the chalk to make cupcakes....
Caroline wanted a jacket AND a hat and I'm pretty sure she tried her normal shoe change with Paz's shoes later. She is gonna give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money with this shoe obsession...better start saving Daddy!
Then the coolest kid of all showed up and the tots followed him around the rest of the night....
Caymus is so sweet to the babies! He had Alvin & The Chipmunks singing top 40 hits on that iPad, hehe!

Gjelina was showing everyone her killer 8 month old skills!

Concentrate...concentrate...you got dis! She'll be walking before too long!

Little monkeys! I swear each child climbed on top of this coffee table, giggled, and then got down.....all safely, thank goodness.
Gjelina was having a rough go for a little bit cuz those boys are just so wild! But she is tough, still all smiles!
Love that crawl position, Gjelina! Good form! 
 Let go mama! I got it!
 'I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means!?'
Aunt Grace also showed up, but was whacked in the eye upon arrival by our lefty, Dax! She was down for the count! Thankfully this was the only serious injury sustained.
And like always the kids started falling apart and getting even more wild..... I think Driscoe is showing me his smashed finger.
Is Driscoe seriously reaching his hand down to help Paz up? What happened Paz?

Child 2 on the table.
Mo is always just chillin, watching the madness unravel!
Look at that lil cupid, bundle of goodness! Mmm!

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
 Hope y'all get some x's and o's today!
I know these babies will be getting millions from their Mama's!

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