Thursday, November 28, 2013


2 years ago today I finally understood how much my mom really loves me. I mean, I always knew my mom loved me, but I never quite understood how deeply. The love I had for Driscoe the day he was born was overwhelming, and it still is, even when he is throwing a tantrum because he can't have hoofee's (cookies) or I-heam (ice cream) for breakfast. There are days I wanna just run and hide in my closet, and days I wanna quit everything and stay home with him forever. Motherhood is quite the roller coaster of emotions, but the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.
Today he is 2, and I have avoided really thinking about it too much because of that roller coaster I was telling you about, but alas, I strolled down memory lane while cleaning off my old work laptop, and it was so joyous.
I kept thinking how grateful I am that he is healthy and ours. I can't wait to celebrate the birth of this funny little wild-child while also giving thanks with our families for our many blessings, and we have a lot of them.

Here is a little list of what this 2 year old loves, just so I never forget!

>>-----> His nanny, 'Nana'. She walks in the house and he lights up.
>>-----> Dax & Mo. His homeboys. They are fo real, his brothers from another mother.

>>----->Scooping dog poo with Daddy in the backyard. We call him the Poo Police. When he finds it he screams and points, "Daddy, poo poo!!!" or we will be in public and he'll scream and point to Daron, "Daddy poo poo!", which is awesome.
>>----->Putting on our socks and shoes.

>>----->Yogurt, cookies, ice cream, fruit chews, and juice.
>>----->BP with Daddy:
>>-----> Eating Twinkies from Aunt Sarah.

>>-----> Brushing his teeth, or more like eating toothpaste.

>>-----> Throwing the ball for Dusty.
>>-----> Running, climbing and jumping off things.

>>-----> Bubble Guppies.
>>-----> Leche, and confusing the heck out of us when he speaks in Spanish.
>>-----> Playing outside.
>>-----> Talking on the phone and face time.
>>-----> Lolors (colors).
>>-----> Caroline or "Air-ine".

>>-----> Saying, 'My Turn!' which sounds more like 'My Hern'.
>>-----> Feeding the dogs.
>>-----> And my current favorite:

Happy Birthday Driscoe Barney!
 Your mommy and daddy love you more than life itself. 

love, bohoMomma

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  1. I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!! Tears in my eyes reading this!!!!! I realize I finally know how much Aunt Peggy loves us and it's paralyzing!!!! Please I need to see him tomorrow and bring him his Twinkie. It's been a full day :(