Tuesday, November 5, 2013

bohoWedding Week 2K13 Starts Now!

Sarah. Is. Getting. Married.

Read it again, but without periods and scream it at the top of your lungs!


I COULD NOT be happier. I mean, I feel like $hit. I can't breathe without coughing up phlegm or snarting. Yeah that's right, I just spelled that disgusting word out for you. Spell check me. Bet you won't. I'm high on cold medicine and feeling real ballsy right now. Anything could happen.

Still, nothing can contain this happiness inside of me for my sister Sarah. I'll save all of the schmaltzy words for the epic toasts I plan to make this weekend, but I will say that if I could handpick any striking, tall, dark, handsome, French-Italian stallion with great hair for my sister Sarah, JASON DEVON would be the one. Love you so much, Jason. When you joined the Salinas crew we got a lot cooler, our hair got better, and we all started to walk with a little more swagger. Love you brother. Can't say it enough...

WEDDING WEEK 2K13 has officially ensued! #SJDevon


PS. I ain't even sick.  I feel GREAT!
(Tried to take a pic but ended up sneezing.)

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  1. Dying laughing!! You are a riot Grace!! SARAH IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!