Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Speech for you...

Wow!  i have never had my hair curled so much in one Week!  We had our First bohoWedding last weekend as a group of 5 sisters and it was Such An Amazing Night!  When we are all together we really are something Special and could rule the World- Sadly that doesn't happen that often.  I kind of felt like I got married too -that's how relaxed Sarah was...She somehow made you feel like you were the beautiful Bride -she was definitely not the BRIDEZILLA!  We all had so much fun dancing and twirling in our Free People Dresses and showing off our Beautiful jems from our Gorgeous Bohemian Sisters, DEPETRA.  I still try on my Flower Headpiece every morning - I wish I could wear it everyday!  We had so much fun getting ready at Do or Dye with Brandi, and It was such a Magical Day.  Brooke from Brooke Schwab Photography is Family and made us feel so comfortable and beautiful!  She shoots so effortless and captures the true moment.  Julia made a Slide Show that left no dry eyes in the room, all the sweet speeches, Caymus' first Wedding (he had the time of his life and learned to say, "Best Wishes," to the Bride and "Congratulations," to the Groom and wrestled with your cousin Peyton) and the beautiful mothers-Bev and Big Mar.  At one point I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe Lebari, the Party Cab Driver made the BIG DAY!  Ila from Ila and I made the final touch with an amazing Ruby handpicked stone wedding band.

"What a collaboration of great friends and family all gathered together to celebrate you and JASON!" So happy to be apart of it -you couldn't have planned it better.  Every detail from the TeePees to the gorgeous hanging dreamcatcher made by Colleen-what a love!  Wish we could bottle up all that energy and store it in a necklace... you couldn't have bought or planned all the Happiness that was there.

I clam up when it's my turn to give A Speech (i would rather dance!-we dropped the ball on that, we should have choreographed a dance for you!-i could have rocked a little Wild Belle vibe for you!)... So, I thought it was only appropriate if I give A small Speech today!

Sarah and I have this weird thing of buying the same things without each other knowing-Our last two cars were the exact same color, make and model...we will often show up to a party in the same jeans/outfit/fingernail polish and we even book doctor appointments on the same day...it's really strange.

We also cannot talk for a while and then catch right back up from where we left off.

i met Jason at the Tasting Room one Happy Hour (I can't tell you how many Oil/Gas Happy Hours I have attended with Sarah...) when she pointed him out to me.  I was confused because he and his brother were wearing the same outfit- same brand of jeans and white button up shirt!- only i would notice that.  i didn't hear much more about him until Sarah walked into our MAFIA PARTY with her ITALIAN (JASON).  -jASON later told me all Sarah told him was to put on a suit because they were going to a Mafia Party & he would be perfect because he is ITALIAN!  That Night, they were all over each other... kissing and dancing and after spending some more time with him, I was convinced he was a great guy!  He truly loves Sarah and it truly radiates off of him...

Sarah and I always say Us meeting was the best thing from Cheering with THE TEXANS!  So, Thank you for being such a Great Friend and I can't wait to Watch our Babies grow up and i'm so thankful to finally have friends with Babies!  I can't wait to have dinner parties and i am so happy you like to cook now!  I love your family and it's always fun celebrating all together!  I am so Happy for you and Jason! MUAH -CHEERS!

Sarah, you were stunning!  Prettiest Bride I know getting married on 11.09.13, look out Kate Hudson.
So, "May your only Pain be CHAMPAGNE!"

....Hurry Home-dying to see all the pictures and gifts!  We can't wait to talk about everything and to hear about your HoneyMOON... we are already planning a Bridesmaids Girl's Night!...
I am having withdrawals from not being with all the Bridesmaids- it was so fun getting dressed together.  Everyone was so Sweet-We didn't want the day to End.

i still have my eyelashes on... they aren't coming off! :/  so if i seem a little BRIGHT EYED-that's why

we tried copying this:
we love you & j

behind the scenes:

bohoEATS recipes from the platter of snacks i made coming soon.



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