Thursday, November 7, 2013

Well hello there!

I put myself on a blog hiatus this past month because I needed to commit my evenings to Sarah and Jason's wedding video. I finally finished it last night and could watch it over and over and over. Wedding videos are so much better when you have cute babies in them, especially when those said babies are your nephews and Godson and the loves of your life, but I digress.
I'm SO excited about this wedding and so ready for all these plans and visions to finally come to life! I'm still trying to tie up loose ends for the next two days, but was given great advice from the bride herself today as I rattled off my list, it was something along the lines of,  "I'm chillin! I'm not answering the damn phone anymore, and if something doesn't get done, then it doesn't get done."
That is why I know this weekend is going to be perfect! The imperfections are what makes it perfect. When we realize we forgot something because we are the biggest procrastinators this side of the mason-dixon, we can laugh about it because we know we are morons that just didn't plan great, but who really cares? Our families are coming in from all over, our friends are bending over backwards to help out, and we are about to witness bohoS become a DeVon!
And i'm pretty sure I just spoke about this wedding like it was my own. That was kinda creepy, sorry S & J. I know this is not about me. I'm really just excited to stand up in my SECOND wedding, GRACE! However, this is my first wedding as the Matron of Honor, which to me sounds like an old bag, and funny enough someone called me that the other night, but don't worry I punched him. Anyways, Sarah was my maid of honor and she was AMAZING, and bohoS, if you think that I was even 10% of what you were to me, then I'm happy! That's right, 10%, I really aim high!
Is it weird that all I really keep thinking about is that Sarah and Jason are going to be gone for 2 weeks after they say 'I do', and then who is going to type me at work? Who's going to send me pics of Driscoe every morning? Sarah, you know we have to talk Daron's ear off at least twice a week? You two clearly were not thinking about me when you planned this honeymoon.
I'm delirious. I love wedding week.

This is Driscoe currently. He got a bucket stuck on his head Monday morning. Good news is, I have a pimple the same size as his forehead scratch on my lip. Feels good to blog again, just sayin'!
Let's get hitched!!!!!

love, bohoBoolie.

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