Thursday, November 7, 2013

bohoEATS...My new LOVE


With LOVE(Sarah & Jason's Wedding) in the air...and the holiday shopping card I just purchased this bad-boy- A Zojirushi! I was convinced by Beverly, one of the most friendliest and knowledgable employee at Sur La Tablethat i needed this rice cooker because not only does all of her Japanese Family have it but because I can cook my Steel Cut Oats in it!!!  ;))))) I TRIED it out today and I am in Love.  I LOVE its size too... definitely is a space saver.

*Not only can I start making some badass Sushi Rice... but You can set your timer for whatever time in the morning the night before and your oats will be ready! the angels are singing!!! i can't wait.

Aaannd It's A perfect WEDDING gift for bohoSarah! -i can't wait to see what all she gets and help her stock her kitchen!  Count down is here!!!! CAN'T WAIT! IT'S GOING TO BE A GORGEOUS WEDDING.


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