Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Eat & Drink}


16 large scallops cut in half
16 large deveined shrimps
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 teaspoons of garlic, minced
2 teaspoons of ginger, grated
6 scallions, finely sliced
3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
1 lime, finely grated rind
1-2 thai chilies
1 bunch of fresh basil, roll and slice vertically
1/2 tablespoon brown sugar (optional)

4 cups of short grain brown rice
4 lime wedges for garnish
1/2 cup of white wine (optional)

Wash and pat dry scallops
Heat oil add garlic and ginger for 1 minute
Add scallions for 1 minute
Add scallops and shrimp for 5 minutes or until translucent, stir in lime rind, chilies, lime juice, basil, sugar and white wine and cook for another minute

Serve with brown rice and add limes for garnish
*For a side, I sautéed chopped savoy cabbage, red bell pepper, baby corn,shiitake mushrooms, carrots, scallions, bok choy, with olive oil, lime juice and rind, garlic, chilies, and ginger.


2 oz Campari over ice in rocks glass
Finish off with Fever-Tree Spring Club Soda and squeeze half of a blood orange or regular orange 
Garnish with a couple of slices of remaining orange segment