Thursday, January 17, 2013

N'Awlins Part Deux

What happened? We back in HTown already? I thought I flew here? Why am I sleeping on the floorboard of a mini-van? Someone just stepped on my face. Where's my wallet? I can't feel my legs. 

We saw it coming all along... We arrived in the Big Easy, suitcases hit the ground, Froot Loop vodka came out, and the inebriated yet bona fide toasts to our bride began. That moment could sum up the entire weekend...but let's elaborate! Now this is where I'm supposed to plug all of my favorite, quaint restaurants and hidden boutiques but truth be told, I didn't visit any of them. I'd be blowing smoke if I said I did. We'll save those for Part III. Between sleeping all day and partying all night, there was no time for wholesome fun. We did the Crescent City like a bunch of hustlers and not once did we make it back to our place in one piece. Woke up Saturday morn and learned I had lost my wallet. I shrugged it off. Is it weird that I was thankful it was my wallet and not my iPhone? Or that I was more shaken about losing my Barely Legal VIP card than I was at the thought of some junkie running through my bank account? Thank heavens we hit Barely Legal before Wallet grew legs and walked away. Wallet is probably drunk on Bourbon right now. Stupid Wallet. What a floozie! Besides, I'm convinced that we have these moments in order to figure out what we're really made of. Everything can be replaced except for your family, friends and health and I had all three. Panic attack? Not a chance. Long face? What's that? I came for the bride. I kept rolling on some cash I had in my purse and I also got by with a little help from my friend. Thanks again, Keather! Check is in the mail! Night two we hit Saints & Sinners for dinner and drinks (Channing Tatum's new bar). It's a bordello-themed dance club/restaurant. Definitely worth visiting. The shrimp po'boy was good...I think. From there we stumbled off into the French Quarter once again, cackling like a bunch of hens. We jumped from bar to bar, never staying long enough to have any real conversations or get to know anyone outside of our group, but isn't that why we were there? I've never understood what bachelorette parties were really for until this trip. Us gals started the weekend off as friendly acquaintances and left as cronies. To top if off, I heard the bride say something that made the weekend all worth while. As we were riding home in the mini-van (lost wallet = lost ID = no plane ride for me), she said, and I quote, 'This was the best weekend of my life.' Boom. The quote heard 'round the world. Madame New Orleans, you did it again...the voodoo that you do. I could go on for  hours but in the end everyone's got to have their own experience. Nah get on dahn der and have ya'self a good time, dahlin'. Sha baby waitin' on ya.
love ~bohoGrace

PS. If you are in need of some NOLA tips, I've got a scroll of all of my favorite spots. Hit me up bohoblack@gmail.com and I'll share the wealth.
ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!

Ice cream paint job.

Let the fun begin...!!!!!! Cheers to the bride!!!

 All that jazz...

We were feeling this saxophonist (and he was feeling us too. Literally.)! Went back and saw him the second night as well..couldnt get enough of that sound!

Hey that flamingo was asking to be ridden! After that we flamingo-napped the poor bird. Her beak got stuck in everyone's butt crack that night at least once, twice if you were lucky.

 Madame LaLaurie still haunts her mansion in New Orleans...so they say. She was friendly enough to let me snap a pic though...

 You can never have too many Jessica Simpsons! These boots are made for drinkin'... wait. What?

Cajun Powa'! 

Cruisin' through the Quarter. N'Awlins, I love you now and forevermore. Wee wee WEEEEEEE!!!!

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