Thursday, January 3, 2013

My love for Pamela Love

It started in Vegas, I am a bit of a gambling addict and when I win big in Sin City I immediately go blow it all!  When I lose, I toss it up to free drinks.  So 4 years ago I won pretty big and skipped my happy ass to Barneys.  I bought the coolest black beaded rosary necklace, which I have since lost (easy come easy go I guess).  But, it was my first lil taste of Pamela Love and I was immediately hooked.  She is a jewelry designer in New York that makes a talon bracelet look pretty and feminine instead of goth and creepy.  She makes bracelets shaped like cobwebs and earrings that look like spiders.  Sounds bizarre but it works.  For Christmas, my sweet fiance gave me the coolest most simple Pamela Love necklace I've ever seen.  And we had never talked about my PL obsession, he just stumbled upon it in Kuhl Linscomb and decided I needed it...sigh.  And yesterday my friend Marzi (you can read all about Marzi and her special powers here) stopped by with some goodies and had these earrings SUPER discounted!  This inspired some major Pamela Love stalking last night that I thought I would share.

 And THEN there is her wedding.  There are no words.  Can we please just insert Jason and I and let this be our wedding?  Although I giggle thinking of my sisters in those yellow bridesmaid dresses.

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