Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A different kind of sister

2013, you will be my best year yet. Life is good and you will make it greater! Even though the New Year is upon us and I have made all sorts of new plans and tweaked old ones, I am still finding myself reflecting on the past year. One of my greatest gifts of 2012 is a group of 12 very special ladies who together comprise The Moonlight Dolls. Without these girls I would be running around chasing boys and getting into trouble on the weekends. Instead, I spend up to five nights a week with these wonderful women rehearsing and performing at our place of refuge: Prohibition. Our dedication to dancing/singing/acting/performing was the catalyst to our sister-like bond but now, after spending countless hours in our tiny 10 ft. x 10 ft. dressing room, there is no limit to what keeps us connected. If someone is feeling down, there's 11 screaming, squealing girls to make you laugh. If you're feeling nervous, they'll be there to pat you on the back and say, 'Don't f*ck up!' If you're in need of an old-fashioned game of dressup with your best friends, they will be there to adorn you with feathers. Uncensored, sexy, crazy, and fun...they are always there. Thank you 2012 for bringing into my life an entirely new dimension of sisterhood. 2013, bring it on! 

Here we are last night after the performance playing 'I Never'. Not surprisingly, we all drank. A lot.

From left to right: Miss Coco LaRouge, Miss Kaleena Sue and your truly!

 Daisy L'amour et moi performing at our Friday show. Daisy aka Brenda and I were newbies together. Since we have same body type and dancing style we get to do many duets together. FUN!!!!

The ever so lovely Miss Kaleena Sue. She is always ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille!

On the left is one of our main choreographers and our only magician, Abby Cadabra along with myself and Daisy L'amour.

I told you she was magic!! Abby Cadabra aka Kelly showing off her sexy acrobatic skills.

Below, Miss Kaleena Sue giving Miss Cyn Cyr a good old-fashioned Moonlight Dolls beating!

Here we are at the Christmas party! From left to right (real names, not stage names): Grace, Cynthia, Kaleena, Crystal

One of our very talented and wildly sexy belly dancers: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang aka Katya aka Kat aka Kathleen

Here is the elegant Bethany aka Porsaleena at our Christmas party!

More fun Christmas party pics: Kat and Brenda!

The very talented Victoria Loren killing one of her performances. Just another day at the office for her!

The Shimmy Sisters (Jenny and Kim) keep us shaking with their amazing belly dancing and hilarious personalities!

Star Studded Cowgirl and one of the most flexible women I know: Miss Lola J (but we call her Amanda ;-)

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