Thursday, December 27, 2012

It takes a village......

I really thought Driscoe was too young for a present filled Christmas morning this year. I thought he'd be more into wrapping paper and boxes than the actual gift, and so, I got him nothing. That's right....nothing. I'm an airhead, and thankfully, i'm not his only parent! His Dad came home from work on Christmas Eve with a huge stuffed animal dog and a 4x4 Cozy Coupe. If you have ever put a Cozy Coupe together then you know it's HELL. Daron put one together for our nephew Dax in August and I knew after that fiasco Driscoe would never end up with one unless someone else bought it and put it together for us. So to see his dad show up with that Cozy Coupe, in the box, after that stressful August morning, really made my heart swell and I began to wonder why I didn't think I should get him anything? Then Grandpa Jimbob showed up with tons of wrapped gifts for Driscoe to open on Christmas morning, and I realized what a moron I had been!?! What was I thinking? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 
Driscoe loved his gifts so much Christmas morning, and he could have cared less about the wrapping paper, which I'm still a little shocked about! His reaction walking into the living room and seeing the huge stuffed animal and the big Cozy Coupe box was priceless. I was way off on this one. 
 Lesson 1,500,001 in mommy hood: Sometimes Daddy and Grandpa know best!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

We put the dog on the floor and he just stared at it for a while!

This car was from Grandpa Jimbob, he loved it! 

He loves showing those pearly whites!

What a fun morning we had!!! I love that little boy so much!! Next year, Santa won't have shit on this mommy! haha!

love, bohoJB


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    1. thank you Jennifer!! love seeing pics of your family on facebook! absolutely BEAUTIFUL! hope we see you sometime next year! xoxoxo

  2. We know those cars well! Uncle Jimmy always gave one to James every Christmas or Birthday. James still has them He torments the dog with them. Ha! Ha!

    1. those cars are such a hit with these boys!! its hilarious! and YES uncle freddy, i'm gonna send you a youtube video of us tormenting Dusty with the first car Jimbob got him! its HILARIOUS!

  3. Loved that lil story, the first 2 years of Christmas & birthdays of my lil man were so present filled & he was absolutely uninterested. Well, let me rephrase that, he was happy to open whatever he grabbed first,& was good to go with just that. On his 2nd birthday, his cake had a tiny grave digger monster truck on top, he took that (which obviously wasn't even a gift) & was SATISFIED. I ended up having to unwrap ALL of his gifts for him, then try & entice him with them, but he was as happy as can be with that cake topper that was plastic & didnt do anything...except make him incredibly happy :) Your baby is presh!

    1. Naomi that is HILARIOUS! hahahah! See, I wasn't too far off in thinking he wouldn't be interested! Thanks for sharing that!! Dallas is beautiful too and just LOVE his name! Thanks for commenting!! xoxoxo