Monday, January 14, 2013

a glimpse into the future.....

Our birthday girl has a far-out dream party, and quite frankly, since she told us, we've all been daydreamin' about it too! One day, when we can get this birthday girl in town, bohoBlack is throwin' a roller rink party, and it's gonna be awesome possum. So, in honor of the theme party lovin' bohoJC, we created what we think her bitchin' outfit might be........


I'm sure once she see's this, she'll show up in something completely different and dyno-mite just to knock our skates off, which is why we love her. But one thing is for sure, and I'd bet you all my peace sign bumper stickers on it......you will find that foxy mama cruisin' around the rink singin' Melanie Safka's 'Brand New Key' at the top of her lungs with the rest of us bohoSisters in tow, and her groovin' soul sista Bridget leading the way........

Can ya dig it?

Love, bohoJB

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