Friday, January 18, 2013

The Covetur

The Coveteur.

I have been an avid follower of The Coveteur for over a year now, and am consistently stunned at how well they stage all their shoots. I know from experience it takes a lot of work to get the right angle, and it totally makes or breaks your shot! So, I am spreading The Coveteur love today and showing you guys all my favorite shots.

Kelly Wearstler


Oh my gosh, that jacket is insane! Bohojc has been coveting the Nightingale bag for quite sometime and I think this shot will really push her over the edge. Visit her store here: Kelly Wearstler.

One day I will have drawers and hanging space for all my baubles.

Love the layout of this house.

Tabitha Simmons

I was totally oblivious to Tabitha Simmons and her awesome shoe line, until she was featured on The Coveteur. As you can probably imagine her style has an edge factor but is still very feminine. Check out her shoes here: Tabitha Simmons.

This chair is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, I would get so much work done if I had that set up.

I love how this closest and bathroom are set up.

This rug...lost for words.

Aggh...gimme gimme gimme!

Aimee Song

Again, this is a blogger I wasn't super familiar with but have been on her site from time to time. Since, seeing this post I have been hooked! I am currently stalking the web for her jeans and this outfit on the left! Check out her blog: Song Of Style.

I am kind of all over suede right now, so these two jackets are right up my alley!

I am not even a prints type of girl, but these skirts and that dress have totally persuaded me!

I am totally obsessing over her right now! I am dying for those jeans.

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  1. I want my hair exactly like Aimee SOng! and I want her pants too and that belt! and im all over tabitha simmons shoeline right now! bohok.day your posts make me SHOP! heheheh! love it!!