Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take A Walk on the Dark Side

Confession. I've been on Polyvore more times than I can count and I JUST realized you can create your own outfits!! What tha....??? I quickly started to add items to my set because I was so excited to 'create', then I realized they were ALL BLACK. ALL OF THEM. HAHA! Fitting I suppose since I'm so gothic and scary, but definitely not my intention. I think I need to broaden my horizons a bit! Truth be told, I am feeling a little large and in charge from all the holiday eating so my eyes are hunting for the magically slimming color black. Plus it's winter, and for me that usually means grunge and black. So lo and behold, my first outfit! TA DA!
New Years Resolutions: add color to wardrobe, get out of my comfort zone, eat better, and in the words of Lou Reed, Take a Walk on the Wild Side. And for the record, I am wearing blue skinny's today, already tackling my resolution, in yo face 2013!

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Take A Walk on the Dark Side

Dr. Martens boots

Alexander Wang handbag

Rebecca Minkoff bracelet

Love, bohoJB


  1. Love this outfit! I'm the opposite - I have too much color in my wardrobe and not enough black! We can swap any day u like :) --ur cousin Tiff

  2. Girrrrrrrrl don't tell me twice!!! I would rather borrow than buy ALL day baby!!!