Friday, January 11, 2013

 Okay Let's Face It.

Who doesn't want to be Kate Moss? Have that, "oh...I just rolled out of bed, didn't shower, grabbed some clothes off the floor; oh...and did I mention I look gorgeous." Uh...hello, I do! Here are some of her more put together looks, but even still she is just oozing of that I don't care what you think of me because I know you all want me 'tude.

Spotted here at the Stella McCartney fashion show last year in London. I think we all remember this moment, when black and nude became the "it" thing to do.

& this one, I mean everything about this is just so right.

Well I think I found someone who is as equally obsessed as I am, her make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury. I stumbled upon one of her how-to's and had a revelation. Kate Moss has collaborated with Rimmel to create a...wait for it...LIPSTICK LINE! I went ahead and added the video because if you don't know Charlotte Tilbury get to know her, you won't be disappointed. Her tutorials are amazing AND the best part about it, she lists all the things she uses in order to get the look. Okay, and I know that the "feline flick" is getting to be a bit dated in some people's eyes, but I still love it and rock it...don't hate.

I mean it's down right wrong how good that lipstick looks. Hence, why I have been stalker calling Ulta ever since, and if you didn't feel like sitting through the whole video scroll to 6:41 to get to the lip segment. Did you see that powder touch to the lip...genius! So, after waiting weeks for it to arrive it is still not here. Don't you worry though, Ulta promises it will be in stores within a week or so and I also found a couple retailers online as well. Hope you enjoy.
xoxo, bohok.day

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  1. i'm SO into lipstick all of a sudden! can't wait to add this to my growing collection!