Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ode to Julia


My dearest sister (sorry Sarah). Your 29th birthday came and went but the reminiscing hasn’t stopped. When I look back at the last 27 years that we’ve spent together I can’t help but shed a tear. The chicken-scratching, the biting, bickering, pinching, poking, hair-pulling, kicking, frogging, dead-legging, wrestling, chasing, scaring, and pranking good times all turned into plotting, planning, partying, depressing music listening, secret-telling, sneaking, concert-moshing, belly-laughing, house-wrapping, dancing, crazy-driving teenage fun. It kind of stops there because we haven’t really matured much since then so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Julia!!!! You really have become an amazing WOMAN! If I was Daron, I would have married you too. Him and Driscoe are lucky to have you as their queen! You’ve created such a loving home, it’s wonderful to see. And thank you for always letting me sandwich in between you guys during family couch-time.
PS, You guys are out of Easy Mac.

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU, bohoJuliaSalinasBertillion!!!!!


Grace & your bohoBlack sisters


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