Tuesday, July 2, 2013

bohoBabies Making their Debut at Abejas.

Check out our oldest boy and only girl (soon to be oldest girl in September) make their very first model debut on Abejas' blog. I know as soon as you all see this model agencies all over will be scouting them out. So, in order to be fair to the rest of them just know they had a really great team pull all this together.

So stinking cute, I can't even handle it. 
From left to right: Marlin (18 months), Caymus (6 years old), Gjelina (just turned 1 this month).

Caymus is such a loving and caring big brother. Boys watch out, this little girl is going to be under close watch as long as Caymus is around.

Go see more of super cute Marlin on Abejas' blog!

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