Monday, July 22, 2013

{Weekend Recap}

After a wild Thursday night with my sisters you would think I'd simmer down the rest of the weekend. False. 
{Thursdsay night before we got a lil crazy}

Friday night we had dinner with my family, a happy belated birthday to my super talented and sweet cousin, Tony. He is going on a road trip and we needed to send him off with some good vibes, and that we did!

{Tony and his magic tricks at Cavatore}

The next morning Driscoe woke us up at 5AM! Kill me! I grabbed a bottle and brought him to bed with us thinking he'd surely go back to sleep. Didn't happen. Instead he poked our faces and jumped on top of us all, dogs included, as we tried to get a few more hours of sleep. 

{Early bird}

We finally got up to workout with the rest of the bohoBlack girls before leaving to Austin for a night with our good friends. 
We were greeted at Shady Grove  around 3pm with a shot of tequila and a Corona from a buzzed Jacques and Melisa. They had been there since 1:15 that afternoon, so we had some catching up to do. We caught up quickly!

 I guess when you get away from your kids and have zero responsibility for another human life besides your own, you tend to get buck wild, and that we did. I mean, we were responsible, we didn't drive or anything, but we pushed the limit and I'm still paying for it. 
After I downed some coffee we had dinner at La Traviata. Of course before we left I had to show Melisa my outfit, she approved.....

                       {Bought those jeans at Target, you can find them here. They fit SO good!!}
{Spaghetti Carbonara}

After dinner we went bar hopping and randomly ran into some of our favorite girls night girls/besties Stephanie Keathley and Jill Knowles!

{Talk about blurred lines, heard that song 100x this weekend, still love it. Me, Melisa and Keathley}

Then we met up with my cousin Jonathan and his buddy Matt, and they led us to the 'Dirty 6th' where we acted like we were back in college again.
{Following Jonathan closely}

We were doing shots, dancing, stumbling, & getting turned down at a bar for looking too drunk. Hey, the old me would have argued, I just politely said 'Okay' and walked away to the next bar where I kept my googly eyes in check! 


{Too drunk to get into a bar? I don't think so.}

{Ok, maybe.}

{We could not stop laughing at Daron in this pic! Hair smeller!}

{I think this was before we said our 'good-nights'}

I love our friends & Austin. 
Time to detox. 

love, bohoBoolie


  1. We had so much fun with y'all!!! On the wagon again! My liver kinda hurts...

  2. i am cracking up! i love how you casually mention you were not allowed in a bar for being too drunk, that's kind of a big deal!!! it's never happened to this lil angel before :)