Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miss Kaleena Sue


Miss Kaleena Sue
by Grace Salinas

She’s simple and sweet and never a drag,

A pinch on the bum when life seems to lag.

Authentic and gifted all in one bite,

She makes deaf people hear, she gives blind people sight.

Outside she’s stunning, tres sexy and witty,

Inside she’s golden, her intestines so pretty.

She’d never do evil or any unjust,

She’ll hug you and squeeze you, smush your face in her bust.

Red lips and curls and lashes for days,

She’s coy and she’s brazen, she’ll set you ablaze.

Humble and caring, never drab, dull or boring,

She makes the earth shake, ask Andrew, he’s snoring.

All of this truth, just one last thing I’m certain,

She’ll mesmerize mankind with the rise of a curtain.


Come see our great friend, Miss Kaleena Sue, take the stage at Prohibition in her grand finale this weekend at The Moonlight Show on Saturday evening. Singing, dancing, creating...this woman is responsible for so much that the show has to offer. Come join us as The Moonlight Dolls, along with the entire Prohibition organization, send Miss Kaleena Sue off on her long-awaited exodus to New York City.
Bon voyage, ma cherie, et a toute a l'heure!!
We love you so hard.
Grace & your Moonlight sisters


  1. It will never be the same without you Kaleena Sue!!! Miss you already! love you, angel! xoxoxxoxoxo love, julie

  2. so excited to see you tonight!!! your bohosisters are ready to cheer ya on!