Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FYI Peanut BUTTER...bohofitness...bohosnacks...bohobodies

peanut butter 
i had NO IDEA how fatting peanut butter was!!!  Did you?  For 2 tablespoons of organic fresh ground whole foods brand peanut butter there are 190 calories and 15g of fat!!! holy cow... just when you think you are eating something good! ugh.  a snickers bar has 296 calories and 16.4 g of fat. 
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My lovely trainer, Anna, introduced me to PB2 and it is a game changer.  
for 2 tablespoons it has 45 calories and 1.5 g of fat. HUGE difference.  like what the hell was i thinking eating peanut butter?! so many little tricks that really help keep you slim.  so for a light snack take 2 gluten free MOTHERS rice cakes and slather on some PB2.  and this is great for baking! our friend, Melissa, whom is a BIG workout chick added cocoa powder and XYLITOL to made her own HEALTHY chocolate PB2.  love it

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