Thursday, July 11, 2013

I did it! Milford, UT Part I

I flew to Las Vegas, then drove 3 hours through the scorching hot desert to Milford, Utah with Driscoe all by my lonesome! I will be the first to admit I have a lot of help when it comes to that little boy. So when I decided to bring him with me on this trip, my anxiety was through the roof.  
At the last minute I changed my flight so I could land an hour and a half behind my dear baby sister, Grace. I was so relieved she would get the rental for us and we'd drive together to Milford! Well, Grace missed her flight, and I learned of this as our plane door was closing. I seriously contemplated running off the plane and letting my luggage go to Vegas without me. However, I stayed in our seat & remained calm remembering a text from my best friend Izzy, 'Be strong! They smell fear.' So I was, and to my surprise, my wild child was a calm little angel the entire flight. 
Once we landed and they handed me the stroller , (the best $60 I have ever spent, its so lightweight and folds easily), we got our suitcase from baggage claim, and made it to the rental car shuttle with no problem. We finally got situated in the rental (took me forever to put in that car seat), and headed towards a Starbucks, just 2 minutes away, and he was already dosing off. He ended up sleeping for 2 of the 3 hour drive! When he woke up we took a pit stop at McDonalds so he could run and play for about 30 minutes. We loaded back in the car and finished our last leg with a belly full of nuggets and the biggest feeling of accomplishment, ever. I felt like a real Murdock woman, and I know the Murdock women waiting for me in Milford were proud. High Five!! 
The rest of the trip was easy breezy and so much fun. I had knots in my stomach as we left Saturday afternoon, not because I was scared of the trip home, which was perfect by the way (see below), I just hated leaving my Grandma and the rest of our family. 
I brought my Nikon hoping to get great pictures for this blog post, but somewhere along the way some buttons were pushed and I couldn't get it back to stupid idiot mode, so I had to use my iPhone instead. Enjoy!
Heading towards security! He looks a little nervous. I was going through all the motions in my head. iPad out, shoes off, backpack off, grab baby, fold stroller.......
This was during his 2 hour nap. I went with bohoJacy's advice and rented a car seat from the rental place. It was not bad! In fact, his car seat doesn't have cup holders, so he really enjoyed that little upgrade. Plus this seat had some lean, so he could sleep great!

This was our McDonalds pit stop. I was trying to convince him to eat a little before playing, but there were basketballs everywhere, which means I didn't stand a chance.
I kept begging him  NOT to climb up, I was dreading having to follow him through that thing.
 As soon as we pulled up.....clothes came off and he hit the pool with Grandma!

Taking in the beautiful scenery!
I have tons more pics to share that I will post soon! We were only there 3 days but we did a lot! I can't wait to show you! 
Traveling with tot advice:
>>Light weight, easy fold stroller, click here
>>Download their favorite tv shows to iPad or bring portable dvd player
>>Introduce fun new snacks on the flight
>>Don't introduce new sippy cups! doh!
>>A friendly flight attendant would try and pick him up when he wanted off my lap to run, which quickly solved that problem! He'd jump back on me and hold on tight, so be friendly to those around you, they may come in handy!
>>Rent your car seat 
>>Surprise him with a new toy
>>Try to sit on the first row for extra leg space so they can stand 
>>If flying Southwest, do the earlybird check-in
>>If you are ballin' buy the extra seat
>>If you are really ballin', fly first class
 >>If all else fails, this works great! Don't judge! I may have given him a tad bit on our flight home, but we landed in Houston at midnight after an hour and a half delay, so I figured he needed his rest, I know I did!
And in the words of my dear friend....
>>Be strong, they smell fear. Attitude is everything, have a good one!

This was us in the security line on the way home....

Stay tuned for more Milford pics!



  1. You arr so funny. Glad the trip ernt eell for you.

  2. Ok spell check goofed that one up. Glad your trip went well.