Tuesday, January 20, 2015

bohoBabies Week 1

Our first post of 2015 is of the sweet bohoBabies.  I'm happy to say we are bringing back the once a week bohoBabies posts, I have missed their faces in this space and as they continue to grow I love looking back at how quickly they change. We love these seven (SEVEN!!) so much and look forward to sharing their cuteness with you once a week, every week.  

Donovan Leo, not missing any meals and snacking on his toes in between.
Dax Joseph, my little superhero.
Driscoe Barney spends every day in costume.  I'm jealous.
Camilla Grey, no one is saying no to this face.
Caymus and Gjelina, they are getting a new crib! 
Morris Anthony, he prefers football uniforms to superhero costumes. 

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