Monday, July 15, 2013

Milford, UT Part II - Grandma Grace

Grandma Grace is the main reason I brought Driscoe along with me to Utah. At first I planned on going alone to relax a little bit, which sounded so nice! I expected my Grandma to call me a 'little shit' for this decision, (her term of endearment for all of us), but assumed she'd be okay with it. She has always told us to do whatever we need to do, and in my head I did not need to fly with a toddler. I certainly wasn't expecting her to say what she did after she heard Driscoe was not coming, "She would never do that to me."  
Crap. She was right. I heard that and immediately started changing my plans. What was I thinking? I have a beautiful child God has blessed me with, and my family wants to see him, dammit, and they don't care how far the travel is. Especially Murdock women, they are road warriors!
 Plus, at this point in my life it's not about me, which is fine, especially when it comes to my Grandmothers. They are both changing so much, but one thing remains the same, they LIGHT UP when they see these babies. After seeing my Grandma Salinas perk up during our visit, I knew I had to do the same for Grandma Murdock, and she acted just as I suspected.
 I'm so glad we both made it out there to see this special woman. I know she was so thankful that I brought her great grandson to see her, I just wish we could have stayed longer. 
And as for my relaxing trip alone? Eh, sounds boring.
 Grandma with her great granddaughter, Lilyana. This little girl LOVES her so much, she is always in her lap! 
 Grandma's first #selfie
Ma, could we get a count? 
 Much better!
 Driscoe is saying "cheeeeeese!" ^^^One of the many words he started to say on this trip!
This was heading to the care center to say goodbye...Driscoe NEVER lets anyone hold his hand, so I had to snap a pic.He loved his cousins!
And my favorite pic. She just looks at him and laughs, she knows he is absolutely wild and crazy!
Look at that pretty smile!!! I love her! And she always has on a cute necklace or bracelets.
From left to right: Big Mar, Aunt Loretta, Uncle Carl, Aunt Grace-Marie, Aunt Peggy. In the middle is my Grandpa's little brother, Carl. It was so great seeing him, he has hands just like my grandpa.
Hannah, Grandma, Me, my wild & crazy child, & Sweet Emma
On the far right is Bridget. I didn't know this but she was my moms foster sister for 2 years while they were in high school. If this doesn't show what kind of person my Grandma is....Mom asked her if Bridget could move in because she was in and out of the foster system, and Grandma said, "sure!" And so she did, and this was my first time meeting her and hopefully not my last, she is so fun and sweet! I see why my mom wanted her to be a part of the family & why Grandma said yes! (Far left is her sister Debbie, she is equally as fun!) 

Our Amazing Grace's! I gotta feeling that family name will go on forever!

My cousins, Ilona and Hannah. 
We really are so blessed that so many of us share the same relationship with our Grandma. She told Hannah and I that she was present for almost all of our births. She would get her suitcase and haul butt so she could be there. But beyond that, she has been so present in our entire lives, from as far back as I can remember, my Grandma has been there for me.

Final Utah segment coming soon!
 (Fun pics & videos!!)

love, bohoBoolie

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