Monday, July 8, 2013

My weekend in pics

4th of July was pretty dreamy.  

My friend Carla invited us to the coolest ranch in Magnolia.  I'm talking Architectural Digest type of Ranch, like nothing I have ever seen.  We needed it!!  I think these babies get a lil stir crazy, in turn making me a lotta super crazy.  New toys, new faces, lots of room to run and the most kid friendly home I've ever been in, we were in heaven!  

Next stop was Jason's family's house for fireworks.  Every year his brother, friends and neighbors put on a show that is pretty amazing...people in Richmond Texas do not play around when it comes to fireworks.  I had no clue that the general public could buy cannons, rockets and explosives like this!  I'm still not sure that they can, but they get them and it's SO much fun.  Dax stayed up super late running around no shirt or shoes, drinking root beer and doing the funniest hip thruster dance that upstaged the fireworks show.  Or at least I thought it did ;)

We spent the rest of the weekend, just us 4 at a friends house in Galveston.  We took turns waking up early with the babies (or sleeping in), spent our days in the pool, and took lots of naps.  After the wild ones were in bed we cooked nice dinners and reminisced about our day!  Dreamy, just dreamy.  


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