Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cart before the horse?

A few years back when finding out that I was pregnant with sweet Dax, my smart, spunky, 
resilient, strong and beautiful Grandma Grace mentioned to her namesake bohoGrace “well I hope she’s not putting the cart before the horse”.  My equally spunky little sister assured her yes the cart is in front of the horse, but that cart is moving full speed ahead, smooth as ever and that I had the most amazing cart mate in the history of the world.  I think about her comment every once in a while and smile, yes in some circles I put the cart before the horse, and it has turned out beautifully and is what works for Jason and I.  

Fast forward to planning a wedding with a full time job and 2 babies, and that horse behind the cart is kicking me in the ass!!!  Would I change a single thing?  Hell no, but man I wish I was more detail oriented, I keep thinking of my dad’s saying “the devil’s in the details” and I’m terrified those details are going to kick me in the ass as well.  Like a cake, I haven’t thought once about a cake until a month ago a friend brought it up to me.  Wal-Mart sheet cakes are my favorite, why in the world can’t I just get one of those??!  Marble, with that whipped icing?  I could have that crossed off my list in 5 minutes, instead I have had 20 minute discussions, emails and scheduled tastings for the cake.  I keep thinking to myself, I do not have time for this, and cakes are not cheap....welcome to zee 90's.  

But guess who loves cake?  These 2 cuties:

Other interesting details when getting married with 2 babies - 

Who gets them dressed?  Because I want to! And I want to see them walk down the aisle, but I don't think I get to...and that kinda bums me out. Shit, now I think we need a videographer, another detail I am just now thinking of.

Who will take care of them during the wedding when they get restless, as we know they will?

Nanny and caretaker info, directions, car seats and transportation for the wedding.

Do we sleep at home together the night before the wedding?  Bucking the *gasp* tradition of Jason and I not seeing each other UNTIL the wedding?  These are the times when the cart before the horse makes me laugh, because we are planning this dreamy traditional CATHOLIC wedding with our two sweet babes in tow! 

I have such an odd relationship with “traditional”; usually I just giggle at it.  But something about this wedding makes me crave it, and my relationship with God and the amazing blessings he’s given me with Jason and Dax & Mo and our family and friends makes me want to honor these traditions and be as respectful as I can. So I'm sharing with you some of the details I sit and ponder, luckily I am surrounded by so many helpful family and friends and the sweetest wedding planner.  But I could not be more excited about my traditional wedding and getting married in the Church, in front of God and my family and friends and my two babies.  Life is beautiful!!  And how boring it would be if it was all traditionally perfect...but gosh planning a wedding would probably be pretty easy.  



  1. Well it would definitely be easier, but these babies are gonna make it the cutest, sweetest, most amazing wedding EVER, and i'm gonna be sobbing like a baby because of it...grrrrrrrreat.

  2. Ok now you have me all teary eyed! "And how boring it would be if it was all traditionally perfect.." Clearly I am on the same page since I married my "step-brother" in a Catholic ceremony! Imperfectly perfect and can't wait!!!!

    1. omg lalo im cracking up!!! love u!!

    2. i love you lalo! your step-brother husband is pretty awesome.

  3. Personally, I can't wait to see it all come to life! Traditions and non-traditions alike :)