Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Tradition. 3rd and final Milford, Utah post!

When we told my mother in law how everyone was getting to Utah, her response was priceless, 'This is all screwball.' 
What's more screwball is trying to figure out how we could all go together, it's pretty impossible organizing 20 something people from 3 different states. Nonetheless, we all figured out our own plans, some flew, some drove, but we all knew where we were meeting, Aunt Loretta & Uncle Ben's in Milford, Utah Population 1,451. The place we have been visiting for over 20 years. Our family in Milford is thinking of moving away and the thought makes me so sad. I want our boys to see where we came every summer and had some of the best times of our lives. I know I have said it before, all that matters is that we are together, but still, there is no place like Milford, Utah. Especially when 25 people from Texas, California & Nevada show up!
This is the last post of our trip we made over the 4th of July. I know you may be thinking, 'Enough already', but I like to use this blog as a diary of our lives and this was a very important trip for myself and the rest of my family, so I hope you enjoy!!

 I love the lyrics in this song, and found them fitting for this post, this line in particular: "And wherever we are home is there too"


 Driscoe with his Great Uncle Leroy
 My Uncle Leroy has such a loud voice, a louder laugh, AND one arm.
(Besides the arm thing I guess you could say the same about me too!)
Anyways, you would think a toddler would be a little scared of him, I AM, but that's because he is a huge prankster. As for Driscoe, he walked right up to him and they went on a long walk around the house. I guess he could sense that heart of gold.
 Mad muggin our sweet cousin, Michael! "Mine!"
Driscoe goes anywhere with Uncle Tim because he will give him anything he wants! What he doesn't realize yet, is that will never change!
Tamara's birthday was on the 4th of July and my Aunt Loretta got her a Hannah Montana cake that she LOVED! I guess Tamara hasn't been checking TMZ lately, Miley's trying to shake that image, T-Bone!

My Aunt Grace brought some old albums for us to look through. This is Big Mar driving the orange van in her killer cowboy hat.

I think I can find plenty of pics of us girls in the same outfit and pose.

Dad and Mom back in the day!!
I only let him get on for a picture. I was too scared to let him go on a ride, maybe next year!
This is our beauty Queen Emma! She won 2nd place at a pageant in her hometown qualifying her to ride in a convertible at the 4th of July parade.
I didn't get the whole speech recorded, but the round of applause makes it quite obvious that we think she deserved 1st place! She said she felt beautiful because she comes from a long line of strong beautiful women who have taught her to be happy with who she is, to face my challenges head on, and to see the beauty in everyone.
(There were plenty of tears, trust me.) 

With her incredibly proud Grandpa Ben
(Driscoe! Get your hand outta your pants!)
Emma is the type of beauty queen that makes sure Tamara gets some spotlight too! 

Hey! I said no pics!
Playing with his cousins!

Only one pic of the fireworks, darnit!
Yes this a tent in the front yard. After we realized 25 people were sleeping under one roof, my cousin volunteered her dear family of 7 to sleep in a tent. We used to always do this as kids, so her kids were really excited. As for mom and dad, they are such troopers!
Goin to see the horse with Uncle Joe

Just enjoying the morning outside, the weather was perfect!

Driscoe got his first tatt....a horse of course.
Get down.
 T-bone showing her horse riding skills, or funny faces.
 Driscoe's first horse ride! He didn't like it too much!

Beautiful sunset pics I had to capture for my Mother in Law, she loves a good sunset.

You think I had a hard trip? These 2 drove 24 hours to Milford, hung out with us for 24 hours, then hit the road for another 24 hour drive home! The things he will do to see his Grandma, and the things she will do to help get him there. Both so sweet, and a lil crazy.
My Uncle Ben and his Granddaughter Alexus
The last night we were there, Milford was having their annual 4th of July dance at the pavilion. We have learned that any dance at this pavilion is a BLAST. 
Great stamps to get in and out, live band that plays the BEST covers, and you BYOIC
 *bring your own ice chest

Meredith, Ilona, Me, and Hannah
And of course Uncle Tim's ice chest had Vodka, that we happily finished off for him! 
We had great talks with this special girl, Alexus!
Finally, in true Milford/Cousin fashion, we took our young cousins driving in the hills behind the house. We have ALL done it, so it was only fair to keep the tradition alive with Emma and Alivia. We won't mention their ages.

We ended the drive with a screaming contest. If you have never done this, please do it. With children, adults, whatever. I promise you will laugh.


 There is nothing more important to me than family traditions like this, and I'm so happy to have started sharing ours with the newest generation, wherever that may be.
Until next year!
Love, bohoJulia


  1. Love this post!! So sweet. Our grandparents live in Ridgefield, CT where we have been visiting for 30 years. I feel like it's a second home and it's so special you guys have that in Milford. Also, so sweet Joe drove 24 hours! xoxo

  2. Annie it's so crazy to us now to make that drive, but growing up there was no other way to get there!! I cannot even imagine!! We miss you!!

  3. Oh I love these photos Julie! The night air is so cool there, I would have loved sleeping in the tent too!!! Great pics of all having a great time!! Thanks for the boho Black post on the sunrise and the fire of his love! Very evident in these photos! Love you!!! Da!dro