Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve! Guest blogger - Aunt Peggy

Today we have a guest post from a very special person in our lives, our Aunt Peggy. 
Aunt Peggy has been a constant in our lives since the day we were born. She used to sneak us candy and yogurt when we were little and she ALWAYS let us drive her car on obscure roads or the beach when we were around 10 15 years old. She is that Aunt, the one that takes her nieces and nephews to do fun stuff that only an Aunt can get away with. She has showered us with love and gifts and legal advice, and now she is doing the same with her great nephews and it's so fun to see! So here is a little word from our Aunt Peggy on this wonderful Christmas Eve, enjoy!
With Christmas tomorrow, I am reminded of what is important in my life.  I recently came across a picture of my beautiful family when my kids were 3 years old and 4 months old.  We were preparing for Tamara’s open heart surgery (she was 5 months old when she had it) and were told that she may or may not survive!  We immediately got her baptized and had a family picture taken because we weren’t sure how long we were going to have her!  I basically lived at Texas Children’s hospital for 5+ months, Shane lived with Big Mar and her family, and Tim worked his ass off trying to support us!
When we found out she had Down Syndrome, the doctors told us that she would never walk, talk, run or play like other kids and that we really should terminate the pregnancy and/or think about putting her in a home or up for adoption!  Trust me, the worst thing a parent wants to hear is “your child has no chance in life!”  I would give anything to be able to walk Tamara into those doctor offices and show them how wrong they were!!  She has been such a blessing to all of us, and she certainly talks (too much at times!), walks, plays and loves and hugs with a fierceness we could all learn from!
I cannot imagine not having my family!  When times get tough or I get frustrated at my work, I am going to remember how truly blessed I am,  and that the things I am getting frustrated about are what keeps this beautiful family of mine going!
I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!
Aunt Peggy

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  1. Beautiful family! When I look back at earlier days w/ my Peanut I become so grounded and reminded that the hardest of days are behind us and that only good things can be in our future. Happy Holidays!!